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Climbing your family tree: Getting started in genealogy

Getting started in genealogy can be intimidating, but knowing how to start can make it more fun than scary.
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A course for those who are interesting in beginning the search of there roots and looking into their family tree. Perhaps you have thought it would be nice to know more about your family lineage but don’t know where to start. Or you are thinking about taking genealogy us as a hobby. Or your kids are asking you questions about family history that you can’t answer. Knowing how to search for your family tree can be rewarding and fulfilling. Everyone ponders where they came from and finding out is only the tip of the iceberg. Seeing how and where you family came from and why they moved to a particular location can be enlightening.
This course will help you get started climbing your family tree. From starting out with drawing a simple ascendant chart, to building up you database of names, to visiting places to verify your dates. Knowing proper genealogy techniques can get your a fuller richer family story that can be passed on from generation to generation.
This course will lead you up your tree and help you to get the most out of your genealogy.

You will learn

✓ Start their journey on creating their family tree
✓ Understand different resources that can help them locate relatives
✓ Understand value of different forms of documents and evidence when adding people to the family tree
✓ Get beyond the date to understand the heart of the family story and the triumps and struggles that the family came through to get here
✓ Effecetivly use technology when searching to genealogy resources
✓ Get their family involved to get new stories as well a pass on the family history to a new generation
✓ See the significants of going to gravesites and battlefield to get a glimpse of what those who came beofre us saw


• Some basic computer knowledge such as how to do a web search or input data
• Some basic research knowledge such as how to read or look up information in an index
• A desire to understand more about your family and you came to be where you are

This course is for

• Anyone with a interest in finding out about past relatives and learning more about their origins.
• Amateur genealogists who want to learn more about incorporating technology into their searches to find new branches of the family tree
• Anyone with an interest in genealogy but didn’t know where to start their search
IT and Business Professional, Database Developer, ACE, ENCE
                Having advanced degrees in Information Technology and decades of experience in the field working with hardware, software, networking and databases. I have a passion for computer forensics because it involved detective skills as well as IT proficiency and the combination is a growing field that keeps getting bigger.  My profession certifications in the computer forensics field include AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE), EnCase Certified Examiner (ENCE) and Cyber Incident Responder Certificate from the DOD  Defense Cyber Crime Center.  I bring a diverse  experience of IT related topics that i have encountered in my career and paths of study. 
I have worked and taught professionally for years Database application programming and administration.  I have done database development work in the an Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server environments, as well as taught Oracle database administration at the college level. 
          In addition to my work in the IT field I also have a diverse background in business, leadership and communications.  With interesting in subject matter such as body language and group dynamics, I am able to competently talk about this subject matter with ease.  I hope to be adding course on these types of subjects as part of my future endeavors as a Udemy instructor.
Since my childhood I have had the hobby of genealogy.  I have traced my family tree through out the United States and Europe.  I have combined my fascination with technology and with genealogy to  help speed up my research and improve my results. My work in Computer Forensics, finding evidence on a hard drive has assisted with my hobby of finding relatives in my family tree.  Both are different forms of detective work that require tracing things back to the origins.  
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 25m
Language: English
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