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Classical Pilates Mat Beginners Instructor Course.

Become a professional Classical Pilates Instructor, or learn more about Classical Pilates for an everyday workout.
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In this course you will learn all you need to know to become a professional Classical Pilates Mat beginners Instructor. If you are already a fitness teacher or a Yoga teacher this course is great for you, if you would like to incorporate Classical Pilates exercises in your classes. If you have no experience in teaching but you have some knowledge of Pilates, this is also a great course to start your journey to become a professional Classical Pilates Beginners Instructor. Start your own business as a Classical Pilates Instructor, enrich your fitness or yoga classes or if you’re just interested in learning a new skill that you can immediately use to generate some extra income, don’t hesitate to start this course. And for those that just want to learn about Classical Pilates for an everyday workout, to tone up and lose weight this course will break down all the exercises. Follow the instructor on Instagram @cindylicious.

You will learn

✓ What is Classical Pilates?
✓ Who is Joseph Pilates?
✓ The 6 Pilates principle.
✓ Teachers skills.
✓ Anatomy of the human body.
✓ The full Classical Pilates Mat Beginners order. All on video.


• This course is perfect for aspiring instructors.
• And also for those who have some teaching experience.
• This Course is also great if you just want to learn more about Classical Pilates.
• This course is also for those who just want to have a great Classical Pilates Workout.

This course is for

• This course is perfect for fitness teachers that would like to incorporate Pilates exercises in their fitness classes.
• Are you a yoga teacher and would like to add Pilates exercises to your yoga classes? This course is also great for you.
• Or are you an aspiring pilates teacher? Than this course will be perfect to learn the basics and to figure out if the journey to become a Pilates trainer is something for you.
• This course is an introduction to your Classical Pilates journey.
• For those who are just interested in a full Classical Pilates workout.( Just skip the teaching parts.)
• For everyone that wants to tone their body, get fit and lose weight.
Self-love & Happiness advocate *Writer *Performer *Pilates
My name is Cindy and I am a international performer, writer, self-love & happiness advocate and Classical Pilates Trainer. During my life as a professional international performer I went through a lot of struggle finding my way through the wilderness called showbiz. It was in those moments of unsteady employment, dealing with fierce competition and also dealing with personal heartbreaks, I realise I needed a tool to keep me balanced and positive. This is when I started my own gratitude & happiness journey inspired by a quote I read from Oprah Winfrey. When I was unemployed, living on my moms couch and dealing with failed relationships, I realised I had to take it on myself to make myself happy and not wait for a job or a boyfriend to do that. This is when I started my HAPPINESS JOURNAL AND GRATITUDE JOURNAL. I started focussing on the things that are working out in my life. And this really changed my life for the better. Because it worked for me, I am sharing this in the hope this will help other people too.

My Pilates journey started in 2001. This is when I started to train as a dancer and Pilates was a part of the curriculum. Pilates really complimented my training as a dancer my core (abs) was strong and it helped me improve my flexibility. In 2005 I received my BA as all-round performer and my BA in Dance Education. During my international career as a performer I discovered that I was only focussed on my career as a performer, so I went looking for more skills to own. Because of my background in teaching and my experience with pilates, I started teaching Pilates. In 2014 I wanted to learn more and started taking Pilates Instructor courses and couldn’t stop. I completed 7 Classical Pilates Courses from beginners to advanced and Classical Pilates Reformer. I have been practicing pilates for the last 18 years and I have been teaching Pilates for the last 8 years. I started this online course because I would like to share my passion for pilates with you all.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 32m
Language: English
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