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Classic British Aircraft. The Handley Page Hampden.

British medium bomber from 1938.
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The Handley-Page Hampden was an aircraft that was very nearly obsolete when it went into service. One of the first British bombers to
see service in World War, it carried a payload similar to the Wellington and Whitley, but was much faster and more maneuverable. It was the
newest design of these three, sporting a very slender fuselage and fixed guns. It was indeed faster and more agile but the defensive armament
was inadequate and was later updated. Known as the “Flying Suitcase” due to its narrow fuselage and cramped crew positions, the Hampden
was nearly as fast as the Blenheim but carried 4 x the load twice as far. It was initially used in daylight raids until combat losses dictated an
improvement in defensive armament as well as a switch to night ops. At night, the Hampden continued with success in raids on Germany and
particiapted in the first “1,000 bomber” raid before being withdrawn in 1942.

This old AlphaSim/Virtavia favourite has been completely overhauled for X-Plane 11. Whilst improvements have been made to the already very good exterior model, the main attraction is the all-new and highly detailed cockpit model. The PBR textures and an FMOD sounds package really bring this 1938 British medium bomber to life. And totally VR ready ! Extensive flight testing was done using the HTC Vive to hone the experience to perfection. The Hampden pilot enjoys superior visibility compared to similar aircraft of the era, making this a superb classic sight-seeing platform for VR users. Two big radials and a taildragger configuration require some skill to master on the ground, this will appeal to those who enjoy sharpening their skills. Once airborne, the Hampden, whilst certainly not fast, is agile and delightful to fly. A landing speed of only 70kts makes the experience very similar to modern GA types, but the roar of the old single-row radial Pegasus engines are a reminder that this early monoplane was not intended to be ‘civil’…

You will learn

✓ Anyone interested in Classic British aircraft.
✓ This is a download in 3D in VR available on the internet.
✓ Since there are no surviving Hampden bombers in flying condition in the world this is the next bet thing.
✓ Simply watch or try it for yourself in the comfort of your own home.


• You will need a joystick and throttles but it is way way better if you have a VR headset.

This course is for

• Anyone interested no previous experience required but basic knowledge of how to fly.

How much does the Classic British Aircraft. The Handley Page Hampden. course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $19.99.

Does the Classic British Aircraft. The Handley Page Hampden. course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Classic British Aircraft. The Handley Page Hampden. has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Classic British Aircraft. The Handley Page Hampden..

Who is the instructor? Is Graham "The Baron" Hesketh a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Graham “The Baron” Hesketh has created 111 courses that got 574 reviews which are generally positive. Graham “The Baron” Hesketh has taught 19,345 students and received a 4.1 average review out of 574 reviews. Depending on the information available, Graham “The Baron” Hesketh is a TRUSTED instructor.
Online Flying instructor. Fixed wing Classic and Rotary.
Chief Flying instructor.

Baron flying club.

I will show you the basic skills you need to fly aircraft fixed wing and rotary.

Learn from me first before you go to the flying school and part with your hard earned thousands as it could save you a lot of money.

If you are stuck on anything please feel free to ask questions.

So you want to learn to fly?

Why not it is Great fun.

My style is not for everyone but here it is.

Flying can be very very expensive, Helicopters are double expensive, but now there is no need to let that stand in your way.

The future for flying training is CGI and VR headsets with controllers. The air forces around the world are already doing this in their pilot training as is saves a fortune. So whatever type of flying you want to do this is an inexpensive way to go.

Today the flight sim on your own computer with a VR headset is almost like the real thing. (Yes it is!) I am a real pilot and done plenty of both. I love flying in VR because it is FREE. Loads of cool aircraft to fly too as FREE downloads. You can easily build hundreds of flying hours experience for FREE.

If you want to be a commercial pilot there is no option but to spend heaps of cash, join the military or land yourself a scholarship with a big airline. But in the meantime you can learn with me on your own PC almost for free. My courses are an excellent introduction to being a pilot.

You will need a joystick and controllers too and a flight sim programme. I use X Plane 11 and microsoft flight sim. VR headset is highly recommended but not essential.

Don’t waste cash at the local flying school just yet. I am a Multi engine pilot and skydiver, I qualified as a pilot in 1996. I ran my own flying school “The Baron Flying Club” at Shoreham airport in East Sussex, where students were trained to PPL and multi engine PPL standard CAA UK.

Today I teach private students only.

I love doing low flying and aerobatics but I want to bring my online training to everyone, students, people who simply cannot afford it, or do not have the medical requirements because lots of people do fly just for fun and are not actually interested in going commercial. Sim flying is actually better than the real thing in many respects mainly the cost.

Using pc and mac based flight simulators we can go through every aspect of flight school without the crippling cost in easy stages and make it fun. Flight sims are not held up by the weather either as real aircraft often are, the realism levels are awesome. I enjoy flying the flight sim every day, We really can go anywhere in the world to fly.

Do it in your own time as much or as little at a time as you like, At the end of my courses you will know if you have the ability, desire or need to actually lash out thousands and thousands of your own cash to fly the real thing.

The drones are the future certainly for combat aviation. They will be controlled by someone on a computer sitting in a room on the other side of the world.

VR headsets are really very good for flying and I highly recommend them. In my opinion it really is worth investing in a good joystick, throttles and rudder pedals, even second hand ones from ebay can be found at a good price.

Blue skies!

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 46m
Language: English
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