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CISSP Security Assessment Testing Security Operations Exam

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Sample Questions:
The business continuity plan is an example, which of the following?
Corrective management
Detective control
dissuade crime prevention measures
Compensation control

Which of the following affirmations related to disaster recovery is incorrect?
A main task of the regeneration equipment, to obtain a predefined critical business function for alternative processing of backup sites.
The task of the damaged equipment is to ensure that the main site returns to normal processing conditions.
The disaster recovery plan should include how the company will return from the alternative site to the main site.
When you return to the main site, the most important applications must be returned first.

For what areas of the Business Business Continuity Plan is required?
All business
Companies of financial and information processing area.
The workers of the business area.
In the Marketing, Finance and Information Processing field.

Which of the following is the analysis of the business impact is not defined?
Areas that suffer the greatest financial or operational loss in case of an accident.
Critical system for the survival of the company.
The names of the people to contact at the time of the disaster.
Rest time, which can now be admitted as a result of the disaster.

What is a hot object site?
Site with pre-installed computers, high floors, air conditioning, telecommunications and networking equipment and UPS.
Join, in which the space is reserved in pre-installed wiring and rose
Site with high floors, air conditioning, telecommunications and networking equipment and UPS.
Join with the ready space with telecommunications equipment, local area networks, computers and terminals for working groups.

Which of the following options better describes the remote record?
Send a tape per hour that contains operations outside the area.
Send the daily tapes that contain operations outside the area.
Real-time capture of transactions with multiple storage devices.
Real-time transmission of copies of the records in the transaction log to an alternative site.

All the following can be considered the main commercial functions that must be defined when creating an impact of BI (BIA), except for one. Which of the following would be considered an essential element of the BMA, but an important issue for inclusion in the BCP plan?
Support you networks
Public relations

Of the following, what is not a definitive loss of criteria that should be considered when developing the BIA?
The loss of knowledge of skilled workers.
Loss of income
Loss of benefits
Loss of reputation

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