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CISM Incident Management & Response Certified Practice Exam

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Table of contents


Sample Questions:
Which of the following is more important for a successful recovery?
The backup media are stored off the site.
Restore the place is safe and accessible.
More than a hot place is available
Alternative network links are regularly verified

Which of the following is the most important element for the success of the current Site of Disaster Recovery, supplied by the manufacturer?
The tests are scheduled for the weekend.
The IP address of the network is default
In the hot section of the equipment is identical to the
Business management is actively involved.

At the end of the test, disaster recovery, which of the following options should always be carried out before the release of a hot object site from the manufacturer?
Delete data and software on the device.
Maintain a meeting in the evaluation test
Complete the evaluation of the supplier of hot sites.
Evaluate the results of all test scenarios.

The response of the policy to incidents must contain:
The updated call tree.
The criteria for climbing.
Press release templates.
Critical backup inventory files.

The best focus on security incident management involving successful penetration should be:
It is possible to continue the business processes during the reaction.
It will allow the team to evaluate security profile attacks.
Allow the incident to continue monitoring the source.
Examine the disadvantage response process that fall.

The general description of the incident must be carried out by an incident management team to determine:
Relevant electronic evidence.
learned lessons.
The hacker’s identity.

The organization with multiple data centers has designated one of its own funds as a platform for recovery. The most important issue is:
Bandwidth link between data centers.
Load the current processing capacity in the data center.
Differences in logical safety in each center.
Version Synchronization Launch System Software.

Which of the following is the most important to determine if a disaster recovery test is successful?
Files only use business data use of exit storage
IT staff restores the processing infrastructure.
Critical business processes are duplicated.
All systems will be restored within the recovery time (RTO)

Which of the following is the most important when deciding the construction of an alternative installation or to subscribe to the hot side of the site?
The cost of building a backup data center and call
The daily cost of the loss of critical mission systems and recovery time (RTO)
Complexity of infrastructure and system sensitivity.
The results of the criticality of business impact analysis (BIA).

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