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Cisco Networking CCNA OSPF

Cisco Networking CCNA OSPF Taught Efficient, Quick, Painless, & Easy To Understand - Unlike The Other Guys
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Cisco Networking CCNA OSPF
Sam’s Courses have been taken over 30,000+ times by 20,000+ students all over the world. And now, he’s ready to help YOU!
If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to waste time, learn at a quick yet easy pace, and follow along with state of the art “Prezi” guides and voice overs, then boy do we have the course for you! The average amount of lecture time for a course like this is 10 hours, but ours is 2. It’s not less information. It’s just exactly what you need to know.
“Coming from the mind of an industry expert with 25+ years of experience, Sam masterfully breaks down every last detail in a quick, easy to understand way. His teaching style is light and quick, and I just can’t make myself bored” – Isaiah T. 5 Stars
“This course makes CCNA topics like routing technologies and network device security as simple as possible. I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely being taking more of your courses.” – Trever Eason 5 Stars
In fact, there’s mile long lists of people raving about our courses, and how much they love them, and we know you will too.
This course is packed with essential, need to know info that is useful for tests.  But most importantly, it gives you real world applications. There’s no reason to spend an additional 8 hours, following along as a boring, monotone voice reads off a pdf. Not when you can get this 2 hour, fast-paced work of art that keeps you on your toes and engaged the entire way through.
Sam has successfully helped 20,000 students  learn and understand various networking topics, and begin their journey on career success. Let’s make you 20,001! Enroll Today!

You will learn

✓ 2+ hours of content and training, 20+ lessons packed with crucial need to-know-info, and MORE!
✓ Get our FREE course updates!
✓ All info is up-to-date and easy to follow
✓ Learn from a network Engineer with 20+ years of experience!
✓ Access to real world knowledge and application that can’t be found anywhere else!
✓ Get the book knowledge quickly and efficiently with no fluff!
✓ Access to our unique and exclusive “Video Cheat Sheets”!
✓ Discover the secrets to deploying a fast converging and secure OSPF network
✓ Professionally edited videos videos with clear audio to make student enjoyment the best it can be
✓ Learn how to deploy OSPF on an enterprise or service provider network
✓ And More!


• Basic networking knowledge

This course is for

• Anybody wanting to learn best practices in deploying OSPF
• Network engineers looking to advance in their careers and make more money
Network Expert 20+ years- CCIE #19367
About Our Courses
Each Course has about 20-30 videos although some will have more Each Course has a 5 STAR rating! Who said you can’t be perfect? Each video gives you step by step instructions on how to solve real world problems Each video is narrated by Sam Fitzgerald (Network Expert of 20+ Years CCIE #19367) himself NetworkingStepByStep’s Courses are a blast! They teach you what you need to know as quickly as possible so that you can move onto nailing an interview at your dream you job! Each Course consist of around 20-30 lessons at around 5 minutes a pop! Everyone who’s reviewed us gave 5 STARS regardless of the Course! The Courses cost anywhere from 20-40 bucks and some are even Free! The courses are OSPF, BGP, MPLS, CCNA ICND1, CCNA ICND2, OSPF IPv6, BGP IPv6, CCNA IPv6, FHRP, and CCNA Voice!
What Are Others Saying?
Real world step by step networking in 5 minutes per lesson. Wow!!! His courses are crisp and clear. No frills, just lots of meat. He’s down to Earth, easy to listen to, and I just can’t make myself bored. – Darby Weaver (FIVE STARS!)
So far very good and easy to understand. Love the format of the class not a bunch of talk, just right to the point !! -CCNP Tutor (FIVE STARS!)
I really enjoyed this course! For newbies you will see the commands in action and these videos will take all the intimidation out of learning and configuring BGP! -Vernon (FIVE STARS!)
..and 109 other 5 Star Reviews!
A Bit About Sam
Sam Fitzgerald started in the industry about 20 years back. All he wanted was for someone to teach him the way of the CCIE’s world. Someone to take him under their wing and guide him on his path to certification and ultimately career success. Unfortunately, however, no one would. He had to put in the late nights, the cramming sessions, the hundreds of dollars worth of books, all by himself. He did get his CCIE eventually, after many failed attempts, and he wanted to make sure that no one would have to go it alone again, which is why he has made these courses and is working on more for you and your dream job! He wants to help you the way he was never helped. Which is why he created Networking Step By Step, your path to career success!
These courses are designed to teach you the crucial knowledge and information you need to nail an interview, get a raise, or a promotion, which means every second you don’t have one of these courses, you’re literally loosing money, don’t let not having these lectures hold you back! Make the best decision of your life! Enroll today!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 56m
Language: English
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