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Cisco ENWLSI Practice Exam (300-430) – Cisco Wi-Fi Implement

120 Questions Cisco ENWLSI Practice Exam (300-430)
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This course will test your Cisco Wireless Implementation knowledge with two 60-question practice exams. All questions have detailed explanations and references to extra study resources (like Cisco documentation). This means that you will not only be able to identifiy your weak areas, but that you can also immediately visit the necessary study materials.
Use these tests to identify gaps in your knowledge and solidify the concepts you already know!
Students enrolled in this course will have a big advantage when taking the real certification exam.
The practice exams focus on the exam topics listed in the ENWLSI blueprint:
•Deploy FlexConnect components such as switching and operating modes
•Deploy FlexConnect capabilities
•Implement Office Extend
•QoS on a Wireless Network
•Implement QoS schemes based on requirements including wired to wireless mapping
•Implement QoS for wireless clients
•Implement AVC including Fastlane (only on WLC)
•Implement multicast components
•Describe how multicast can affect wireless networks
•Implement multicast on a WLAN
•Implement mDNS
•Implement Multicast Direct
•Location Services
•Deploy MSE and CMX on a wireless network
•Implement location services
•Advanced Location Services
•Implement CMX components
•Implement location-aware guest services using custom portal and Facebook Wi-Fi
•Troubleshoot location accuracy using Cisco Hyperlocation
•Troubleshoot CMX high availability
•Implement wIPS using MSE
•Security for Wireless Client Connectivity
•Configure client profiling on WLC and ISE
•Implement BYOD and guest
•Implement 802.1X and AAA on different wireless architectures and ISE
•Implement Identity-Based Networking on different wireless architectures (VLANs, QoS, ACLs)
•Utilize reports on PI and Cisco DNA center
•Manage alarms and rogues (APs and clients)
•Manage RF interferers
•Troubleshoot client connectivity
•Device Hardening
•Implement device access controls (including RADIUS and TACACS+)
•Implement access point authentication (including 802.1X)
•Implement CPU ACLs on the controller
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• Students studying for the Cisco ENWLSI Exam (300-430)
• Students studying the CCNP Enterprise
• Wireless Design Engineers
• Network Design Engineers
• Network Engineers
• Wireless Implementation Engineers
• Network Administrators
• Wireless Engineers
• Wireless Administrators
• Cisco Engineers
• Cisco Administrators
• Cisco WLC Administrators
Network Engineer (CCNP)
Michiel Vercoutter is a Network Engineer with an expertise in Wi-Fi. He is CCNP Enterprise certified with a specialization in Cisco Wireless Design & Implementation. Aside from Cisco, he is also dual certified in the Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP) track (CWNA/CWDP). Michiel likes expanding his knowledge by studying for certifications and he wishes to help other students reach their certification goals!
Platform: Udemy
Language: English
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