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Cigars – From novice to expert in one course

Guidance in Selection, Flavors & Enjoying life's finer things.
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“A good Cuban cigar closes the door to the vulgarities of the world.”
– Franz Liszt, Composer
While many first timers often believe you can simply, cut – light – and smoke a cigar, there is a specific process that needs to be followed and a few tools you’ll need to acquire.

This course will bring any novice to an expert, in an amazingly short amount of time. 
WARNING: THIS COURSE GETS TECHNICAL AT TIMES! I have tried to be as detailed as possible. Some reviews have stated the course is too technical at times, but I think better to give too much info than not enough.
This course reviews:
•Shapes of Cigars 
•Wrapper Colors
•Tobacco Growing Regions
•Tobacco Types
•Tobacco Processing
•How a Cigar is Constructed
•Cigar Cutter Types
•Single Guillotine/How to use
•Double Guillotine/How to use
•Punch Cutter/How to use
•V or Wedge Cutter/How to use
•How to Smoke a Cigar
•Service of cigars to others
•Flavors & Aromas found in Cigars
•How to Select a Cigar
•Pairing cigars with Beer, Wine, Spirits and Sake 
•The history of cigars
Cigars truly are one of the finest things in the world, not reserved for the stereotypical rich, so no matter who you are, sit back, relax and light one up now. 
Class is in Session. Drink Up!

You will learn

✓ An in-depth understanding of cigars including their history, how they’re made, and tobacco growing regions.
✓ Understanding the different cigar styles and sizes.
✓ How to cut cigars with various types of cutters, lighting & smoking.
✓ Recognizing flavors in cigars.
✓ The ability to pair cigars with all types of alcohol.
✓ Skills in selecting cigars by sight and smell alone.


• No existing cigar knowledge is required
• All individuals wishing to smoke tobacco must be of legal age where they reside This course does not condone underage smoking in any capacity.
• This course is designed for those want to learn more about cigars & how to better select and enjoy them
• Students are encouraged to smoke cigars throughout this course, but no specialist equipment is required beyond cigars to enjoy
• Securing a double bladed guillotine cigar cutter as a starting cutter is recommended, but its not required

This course is for

• Novice cigar smokers and alcohol enthusiasts wanting something to complement their favorite beverage.
• Current cigar smokers wanting advanced knowledge for better selection & enjoyment.
• Anyone interested in cigars
• Mixologists, Bartenders, Servers & those in the hospitality industry that serve cigars.
• Those who want to be masters of all their surroundings
Specialist of Spirits, Certified Sommelier, Mixologist
Hospitality industry professional with over 20+ years experience. Specialist of Spirits certification, Certified Sommelier, Mixologist, entrepreneur & author of 11 books related to Beer, Wine, Spirits, Sake, Cigars and Hospitality Service. Past positions include bartender, General Manager, Director of Food & Beverage, Director of Restaurants & Bars and Assistant Director of Beverage, supervising hundreds at a 5 star, 5 diamond casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. This industry experience gained has allowed me to serve guests and train employees at the highest levels. 
I am very lucky to have had some great mentors throughout my career and want to pass on the good karma of knowledge. I really get a thrill out of showing someone something new or teaching a new skill they can use in their hospitality career, so I really hope you enjoy the courses! 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 55m
Language: English
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