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Christian Meditation Mini-Course to Transform Your Life

Restore Your Peace of Mind, Reduce Stress & Draw Closer to God
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You’re probably hearing so much about meditation and it’s mental, physical, and emotional benefits; however, as a Christian, you’ve wonder if you can meditate while still honoring your Christian faith? The answer is an astounding Yes! In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to start an effective Christian meditation practice that will help you to restore your peace of mind, reduce stress, draw closer to God, and find inner healing. Over the past 12-years I have been teaching believers all over the world about the transformative practice of Christian meditation. Many have been healed from negative thinking, chronic stress, worry, past pains, and even found relief from physical ailments and disease. In this course you will learn about the benefits of Christian meditation and how to incorporate it into your daily life.
During this 8-Part Course You’ll Learn:
•What is Christian Meditation?
•Is Christian Meditation Biblical?
•Why Meditate?
•How to Meditate as a Christian
•How NOT to Meditate as a Christian
•A Guided Christian Meditation Session
includes: Control Negative Thoughts Guided Meditation
•How to Establish an Ongoing Practice
•Knowing Jesus
•Keeping Your Practice Going and Growing
•Additional Free Resources
The course includes videos, handouts, and a guided Christian meditation audio.
**In addition to this course, I would also recommend taking my Udemy course: It’s All In Your Mind: How your Mind Can Sabotage Your Life and Relationship with God. This is a great foundational course as it will teach you how the  mind interferes with your peace, joy, and healing.

Read a few testimonials from others regarding Rhonda’s courses and Christian meditations:

I think the series is great.  It really gave an in-depth meaning/definition to Christian Meditation.  I believe that when people view the series they will see that it is scriptural to meditate.  This is good.  I am looking forward to what other revelations that the Lord will bring me through this.  God Bless You.

Yes I have listened to your recording and found it to be extremely beneficial and even life saving. By the grace of God, you have given me the opportunity to better handle my restless mind and have made a complete world of difference in life. Thank you so much and may God Bless you always for what you are doing for him…

Good evening out here in Switzerland. I started with the first part of your Christian Meditation and I feel so much relaxed. I would like to thank God for sending you to me. I will tell you my story after sometime. Again, I thank you and God bless a thousand-fold.

I thank God that I came across your website for Christian meditation and affirmations.  I have used your meditation and affirmations for about a month and have seen a dramatic difference in my thought patterns and levels of stress.  Before I came across your meditations and affirmations I found myself unable to change those self-defeating thoughts and attitudes that kept me stressed out.  I have enjoyed the affirmations so much that I keep one in each of my cars. Thank you so much!

God is using you greatly in this house! We love to start the day with Morning Devotion…We just love the way you set us out to our days by praying God’s protection, promises, and casting out all evil from around us in the mighty name of Jesus…I am an office manager in a church and I find I pray the things in your devotion for our Pastors on my way to work. Thank you for all you have done in our lives. God has used your meditations in so many ways here.

“I have been listening to your meditations for a month or so now and want you to know that your work here is an answer to prayer. I’ve struggled with depression for several years and nothing has helped me overcome it, but as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I knew in my heart that there was an answer to my problem. I also knew that the answer would be found in His Word…somewhere, somehow. The last several years I’ve been pressing in to God in prayer, and have made progress with the depression, but it still hadn’t been dealt with completely. Three months ago something happened that sent me spiraling downward to a depth of grief I’d never known before. I didn”t think anything could bring me out of that dark place. One night I continued to cry out to God for help. One morning I felt compelled to sit down in front of my computer and do a search for Christian Meditations (something I’d never heard of before) and was led to your website. Over the course of a couple of days I studied your information, and after praying about it I decided to become a full member. I thank my God, every time I think of you. God’s Word, through your Meditations and Affirmations, has brought life and light back to my soul. While the grief remains and difficulty rages around me, I know I can surround myself with God’s Word by playing your recordings and come away filled with His peace, comforted. Thank you so much for your faithfulness. I pray that God will continue to bless you, as you’ve been a blessing to others.”

You will learn

✓ Students will learn about the transformative power of Christian meditation.
✓ How to develop an regular Christian meditation morning routine.
✓ How Christian meditations deepen your relationship with God.
✓ Various types of meditation and how to meditate as a Christian.


• Just a desire to renew your mind, draw closer to God, and reduce stress.

This course is for

• Anyone suffering from stress, depression, negative thoughts, or inner pain.
Christian Meditation & Spiritual Coach
Rhonda Jones is an author, faith-based meditation and yoga instructor, retreat facilitator, and an online business owner. Ten years ago, after battling with years of depression, Rhonda stumbled upon the transformative power of silence and meditation integrated with scripture to renew the mind and heal the heart. Since then she has impacted thousands across the globe through her CDs, books, courses, and retreats.  Her motto is, “If you are not controlling your thoughts, then your thoughts are controlling you.” Rhonda believes that intimacy with God is an inner journey and not an external one because as the scripture declares, “the Spirit of God lives within you.” She is the creator of The Christian Meditator Academy and Abiding in Christian Christian Meditation Course. She is also the author of the books Help Me God Change My Life,  A Date with God, and Unplug Personal Retreat Kit. Rhonda’s websites include TheChristianMeditator, Godgetaways, and SecretPlaceMeditation. Rhonda hosts ongoing one-day Unplug retreats and has several week-long retreats, with an upcoming retreat to  Italy in and 2019.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 12m
Language: English
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