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Christ Healing Power

The art of receiving your healing and healing others in Jesus name
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Christ Healing Power is a course that was designed to help multitudes of people who are dying of incurable diseases, trying out your faith in Jesus Christ can make a difference. What medical doctors cannot do Jesus can, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus Christ is alive, he is seated at the right hand of God pleading and interceding for the saints. Most of those who reach out to him gets their healing by faith, you too may get your healing by faith.
From the biblical perspective every disease is curable if only anyone can believe and receive his healing by faith. The principles taught in this course can heal any type of sickness and disease, if you can only believe. This is a spiritual healing course that is based on the faith of the individual, getting healed depends on two things, namely your faith and your ability to see your healing even before it is physically manifested. No guarantee is given here.
Although I cannot guarantee your healing but I know that many people who follow these bible principles are healed of various sicknesses and diseases. God have supernaturally and miraculously intervened in my health issues and healed me of serious irreversible disease called glaucoma.  In this course, I want to share with you the bible faith that set me free from the incurable, irreversible diseases called glaucoma.
The truth does not change from age to age, but facts change. Your diseases is a fact, the word of God is the truth, remember Jesus Christ said, “heaven and earth will pass away, but not a jot of my word will…” When you follow the principles of faith, you will always win in every battle. This course not only show you the principles of faith for healing but also to win in every situation in life. Enrol now and enjoy.

You will learn

✓ Everyone who takes this course will know how to receive his or her healing in the name of Jesus Christ. This cannot be guaranteed since it all depends on your own personal faith.
✓ Develop living Faith
✓ Understand the move of the Holy Spirit in the healing ministry
✓ Understand the atonement and the redemptive work of Christ
✓ Understand and confess healing scriptures to heal yourself and others
✓ Know that God is not only willing and eager to heal but that he has healed us already
✓ Step out in simple faith to take the blessings already given to us
✓ Know whom you are in Christ


• You should be comfortable with the teachings of the bible
• If you have not given your life to Christ as Lord and Savior, you should if you want to enrol for this course
• Since this course teach on how to heal others in the name of Jesus, you should be someone who care for others.
• People who enrol for this course must believe in divine healing and miracles
• You must have a simple faith in the power of God’s word to heal you and others through you
• Intending student must be ready to exercise Faith, or ready to learn to walk by faith
• Remember that this is a faith based healing therefore the course creator or Udemy does not guarantee that you will be healed.

This course is for

• Christians who desire God to use them to bless others
• Anyone who want to be healed in the name of Jesus through faith
• Those who desire to use the name of Jesus to heal their friends and others around them
• Pastor, Prophets, and ministers of God who are preaching the Gospel or those assisting such ministers of God.
• For you, if you are interested in healing others by simple faith in the living word of God
• For anyone who simply desire to know more about God’s healing power
• Anyone who love Jesus Christ
• Remember that the course designer offers no guarantee since this is a faith based spiritual healing.
Pastor at Prevailing Church/Motivational Speaker
Joseph Adenuga is the Pastor of Prevailing Church Of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa, he is teacher by calling and training. A Mathematician turned preacher, God is using him mightily to teach, preach and perform signs and wonders through faith in the word of God. His teaching ministry has helped so many people around the world, ministers of God inclusive, this platform was created by him to reach out to teach more people some of the wealth of knowledge bestowed on him.
Joseph graduated with B.Sc Ed Mathematics Education from the University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria in 1988. He got married to the love of his life, Ruth Olabisi in the year 1993, November 20th, and they are blessed with godly children. He founded Sunny Day Model School, a nursery, primary and secondary institution in the year 1992. He established the Success Dimension Church Ibadan, Nigeria in the year 2005, 6th of February and travelled to South Africa in the year 2013, October 30th, to pioneer the Prevailing Church of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa where he is presently the presiding pastor.
Courses taught by Pastor Joseph Adenuga have solid biblical principles and foundations at the back of them, these courses are for born again Christians and those who love the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Enrol for one, two or more of his courses and your life will not remain the same if you follow the teachings. Be blessed and remain blessed. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 34m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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