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ChartJS Legend

ChartJS Legend Course, examples and explanations
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ChartJS Legend Course, examples and explanations.
Learn how to create legends with ChartJS fast.

ChartJS 2 is really an interesting topic. However, maybe you notice it as well. ChartJS 2 legends can be complicated and understanding how it works is a big challenge. When I learn this I was really challenged. It is hard to understand and the amount of explanation if limited and not clear. After many weeks of trail and errorI finally started to understand it. Now I can finally create it with ease and understand how to read it as well. Once you know this you will notice that the ChartJS 2 documentation becomes easier to understand as well.
ChartJS documentation is a struggle and does not really cover all the aspects of it. There are so many nice and useful functions and things to do. In this course you will learn and explore these functions and you will create your own HTML legend the right way.
We will be handling this step by step and explain all the codes as we go along. Once you really understand the key concepts you will be able to create it yourself quickly.
Hope you are ready and excited to join this journey to ChartJS 2 Legend.
Let`s begin!

You will learn

✓ Use the settings that ChartJS 2 has build in for legends.
✓ Create a customize HTML legend with ChartJS 2.
✓ Using onClick or onHover functions in legend of ChartJS 2 to give their charts more interactivity.


• Basic knowledge of HTMLBasic knowledge of Chart
• JS 2 (You should know how to make a (basic) chart)

This course is for

• Students who want to improve their ChartJS skills and take it to the next level.
• Students who are trying to figure out how to create customized HTML legends with ChartJS.
• Students who struggle reading the official ChartJS documentation and need something easier.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 48m
Language: English
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