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Change Your Life Story of Failure And Redesign Your Life!

Discover why your current image makes you feel constantly defeated, and use my strategies to finally find true success.
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This course seeks to help you who understand why you have been held back for so long by your beliefs about yourself!
I offer tools and exercises to help you break through these barriers, change the old story you have been carrying with you for so long, in order to create your ultimate life.
This course includes 4 PDF documents. 3 are exercises and 1 is a commitment statement that I will help you write for yourself, to help you determine you WHY factor, your Push Factor.
The course is a set of over 20 lectures, all screencasts which I have recorded to help you better understand the contents of the information.
The content includes:
– 3 hours of interactive material using screencasts and exercises for you to use
– Lots of material and tools and tips on how to start owning your current circumstances, taking responsibility for your life and living a happier life by deciding to adapt to a new story,
– My own story of where I have been and how I used my Push Factor to re-design my own life
– Understanding how your upbringing and personality traits have created the self image and belief system you now possess, and how it may be hindering you from future success.
– Use your push factor to take action on certain goals you have held back on, like lose weight, writing your first book, forgiving and letting go, work through an addiction, etc.

You will learn

✓ By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of where your beliefs come from and how to create new beliefs to support your new intentions
✓ You will learn how to better focus on creating a daily ritual which will help to work your way towards your biggest goals this year
✓ You will also understand why you are carrying around a story that no longer works for you, and how to create a new story for your life.
✓ You will also understand why you are carrying a story about yourself that no longer works for you, and how to create a new one that will not only empower you but will inspire you to pursue it with belief and confidence in yourself and your capabilities


• All material is provided for in this course. You do not need any special software to access this course!

This course is for

• This course is intended for anyone, and no level of knowledge or experience is required.
Push Factor Founder & Specialist!
    I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Sheila Makena, a dedicated enthusiast and student of habit and behavioural change who sees the greater need to enlighten us all that true happiness and fulfillment comes from living for a purpose that is greater than ourselves. I am the very first Push Factor specialist on earth, who can help you identify and use your push factor to create your ultimate self! 
    I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, majoring in Psychology, having always had a fascination with human behaviour. I also majored in Business Management. 
    I overcame a dark phase of depression, which culminated in planning a suicide attempt. It was my belief in the fact that I had to live my life for others and not just for myself, that led me out of my phase of depression. 
    Now fully inspired to help others, I have fully realized my gift for understanding people’s highest desires to do and become more in their lives but not having the right tools to attain these desires. 
    As a strong believer in the potential for others to turn their lives around through changing undesired behaviours and having a strong, passionate vision, I created Push Factor to provide the most comprehensive information and the necessary tools for anyone who wants to change the way they lead their lives to do just that. 
I also believe that the choice to be happy and the choice to be totally miserable are available to us in equal proportions, and that the decision to lead a happier and more fulfilling life is not just a daily choice, it is a choice we make every second, every minute and every hour of our day. It takes practice, and this is what I want to teach in all my courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 33m
Language: English
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