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Certified in Plumbing Design [CPD]

Master the Plumbing Engineering
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Table of contents


What is Certified in Plumbing Design Course ?

Certified in Plumbing Design course is a unique learning and exam based content which help students to design plumbing system professionally in line with codes and standards , and be qualified to pass CPD Exam by ASPE /USA .
The course consists of 6 main lectures plus an introduction lecture about the CPD Course .
The contents of  6 lectures in CPD Course are based on main 7 references ; CPD Review Manual [Study Guide] by ASPE as it is the main reference of CPD Exam , ASPE Plumbing Engineering Design Handbooks Volumes 1 , 2 ,3 & 4 , Engineered Plumbing Design II by Alfred Steels and Domestics water heating design by ASPE.

Learning Outcomes and benefits breakdown for each lecture
       Lecture 1 :

•you will Learn the basics of gathering information for plumbing project e.g. scope of work , site utilities plan ,etc.
•you will learn how to read site utilities plan and topography plan with contour lines
•you will know different types of cost estimate for project and construction budgets
•you will know most common standards used in plumbing and when to refer to each one in specifications
•you will learn how to schedule the design and calculations for plumbing systems.
•you will learn how to estimate cost for plumbing project based on manhours ,materials ,equipment and markups
•you will know how to decide your markups based on project size ,location ,sales tax ,contingency and overheads.

Lecture 2 :

•you will learn how to design sanitary drainage system
•you will know manning formula ,how to apply it and how to size capacity of horizontal drain piping
•you will understand characteristics of drainage in stack with air entrainment
•you will know important terminologies in stacks e.g. terminal velocity and hydraulic jump
•you will learn how to size stacks , offsets and building drains
•you will know the minimum velocity required in sanitary and storm water drainage
•you will learn how to fix vent connection to fixture traps
•you will know different types of fixtures vents and how to select optimum ones for new or existing projects.
•you will know how to size vent stacks as per ASPE , tables and different codes e.g. UPC and IPC
•you will know suds pressure zones and how to avoid connecting fixtures with them
•you will know alternative vent systems and how to design them

        Lecture 3 :

•you will know different types of roof drains ,downspouts and gutters
•you will learn how to size downspouts and horizontal piping based on rainfall rate ,collection areas and slopes
•you will learn how to calculate runoffs at site using rational method
•you will learn how to estimate time of concentration for different site areas using equation and nomograph
•you will learn how to get water supply fixture units for any fixtures, bathroom group and convert them into gpm
•you will know water properties e.g. PH , hardness and turbidity and when you need softener in your project.
•you will know maximum velocity of water supply in piping
•you will learn how to size water supply piping using pipe sizing charts and tables
•you will know different types of valves ,pipes and joining methods
•you will know how to test water piping and how to disinfect piping and water tanks before use.
•you will learn how to protect main water from contamination through cross connection control.
        Lecture 4 :

•you will know different types of water heaters and valves used in hot water system
•you will know different methods of circulation hot water piping in hot water system
•you will learn how to calculate hot water demand , recovery and storage size
•you will learn how to size hot water systems based on occupancy types, demography and fixture units
•you will know limitations of methods used in hot water sizing and how to apply them.
•you will learn how to size circulation hot water piping based on heat loss method or rule of thumps
•you will learn how to get mixing water temperature and ratio of hot and cold water in mixture
•you will know pipe expansion and contraction and how to protect piping by limiting movement
•you will learn hot to calculate expansion in piping based on temperature difference and coefficient of expansion
•you will learn how to protect main water from cross connection using different method as per ASSE Standards
•you will learn how to balance between legionella and scalding requirements for  people health and safety

Lecture 5
•you will know different types of pumps used in plumbing systems and most common type
•you will know different curves used in pump selection
•you will learn how to size pump , ejector and sump pumps in any project
•you will know how to select pump at maximum efficiency and required NSPH to avoid cavitation at site
•you will learn affinity laws and how to get pump head ,flow and power at different speeds
•you will learn why pumps are connected in series and parallel and how we calculate operating heads or flows
•you will know different fuel gases used in any project
•you will learn how to size fuel gas piping in project
•you will know different levels of risks on patient due to shortage of medical gases
•you will understand different types of medical gases used in healthcare facilities
•you will learn how to select pipes ,valves and size medical gas piping
        Lecture 6

•you will know different sources for project specifications
•you will know different types and formats of specifications
•you will know most common terminologies used in specifications and when to use them
•you will know the Masterformat by CSI and what division is used for plumbing and fire protection sections
•you will know main parts of Masterformat and when to refer to each part in submittals ,installations and tests
•you will know different construction services provided by engineer at site
•you will know responsibility , authority and behavior of observer with fellows ,supervisor and contractor at site
•you will know when to instruct contractor and when to notify supervisor or project manager
•you will know different status of shop drawings and material submittals
•you will know when to reject shop drawings or material submittals with firm justifications
•you will know how to deal with field conditions and accidents.
Why you need this course ?
The course contents are invaluable and informative with explanatory videos and pictures to help you grasp and recall the curriculum subconsciously
After completing this course you should be able to design plumbing systems professionally inline with codes and standards and apply engineering fundamentals like fluid mechanics ,heat transfer and thermodynamics which are built in in the course curriculum to link academia fundamentals with industry best practices.

You will learn

✓ Design plumbing systems as per codes and standards
✓ Estimate cost and time for design and construction of plumbing projects
✓ Specify Plumbing systems as per CSI MasterFormat
✓ Conduct construction services for plumbing systems effectively and efficiently
✓ Apply Engineering Fundamentals to solve problems in plumbing systems design


• Bachelor Degree in Engineering + 4 years of work experience in projects related to plumbing design
• References for CPD Exam e.g. ASPE Volumes 1,2,3&4 , CPD Study Guide and Engineered Plumbing Design II if possible. However , the lectures cover main topics for CPD Exam.
• Passion to learning and development

This course is for

• Engineers and Designers working in design and construction of Plumbing and MEP projects
• Owners and Managers of Plumbing Projects.

How much does the Certified in Plumbing Design [CPD] course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $199.99.

Does the Certified in Plumbing Design [CPD] course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Certified in Plumbing Design [CPD] has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Certified in Plumbing Design [CPD].

Who is the instructor? Is kareem Amer a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

kareem Amer has created 1 courses that got reviews which are generally positive. kareem Amer has taught 1 students and received a — average review out of reviews. Depending on the information available, kareem Amer is a TRUSTED instructor.
Consulting Engineer
DBA ,Business Administration ,IBAS -Switzerland

MSc ,Building Services Engineering ,Heriot -Watt University -UK

BSc ,Mechanical Engineering ,Alexandria University -Egypt

P.E registered in USA in Fire Protection Engineering ,CEng Registered in UK in Mechanical Engineering ,and CPEng registered in Australia in Building Services Engineering , Mechanical Engineering and project Management.

Work experience [15 Years] , 12 years in engineering consultancy ,project management and building services engineering in construction industry ,and 3 years in asset and facility management in oil and gas industry

Developed design and managed supervision of construction for fire protection, HVAC and Plumbing Building Services for Mega projects in Alexandria ,Dubai ,Abu Dhabi ,Riyadh & DC Washington .

Applied value engineering tools and life cycle cost analysis to save more than $150 M for employer and client , and reduce carbon emissions from built environment to natural environment .

Member in International Technical Committees to develop building codes and professional development in USA with ASHRAE ,ASPE ,NFPA, SFPE ,ASME ,PMI ,CMMA ,SMRP and in UK with CIBSE and IFE ,and in AUSTRALIA with Engineers Australia and SFS.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 47m
Language: English
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