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Certified English Indian Classical Dance -Bharatanatyam

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Now a lot can happen during a conversation. Talking about the topic is one important part but to speak fluently and to speak with ease, you need to have a range of conversation tools up your sleeve because there are lots of other shifts and changes that happen during a conversation depending on who you’re talking to, what’s going on around you and whether or not you’re interested or not.
Right now we’re going to focus on the tools that you need to move around in your conversations easily and naturally.

Alright and if you make it through to the very end of this video lessons,  I am uploading some lessons to help you talk about all topics, to help you express your ideas what you know and that are not what everyone knows  better than you right and you want to get better than them in that.
Now if that feels a wee bit too tough for you and  you want to start by focusing on simpler dilaligues, about just starting a conversation or even listening and understanding better, then I advise that you first try these lessons.

They are captioned and thus make the following more streamlined in the process of reading and hearing the spoken language version of it.

So conversations are always two ways, right? That’s what makes a conversation. So as you give your opinion or you share something, it’s always nice to invite the other person’s opinion right?

And this is an important way to help you better your conversations in giving and being empathetic  in other people’s expression of their thoughts.
What to say when… asking for other people’s opinion
So what do you say when you’re asking for other people’s opinions?
Well quite simply, you could ask:
1. Do you agree?
Very basic. It’s quite closed that question, so what about if you opened up that question to get a more interesting answer?
2. What do you think about that?
3. What’s your opinion?
4. How do you feel about it?
If you want to make it a little more polite, you might say:
5. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that…
6. I’m interested to hear your opinion about this…
And more formally, maybe if you were at a meeting at work, you know you might ask
7. Would you like to add anything?
And this is just, you know, a nice sort of polite way of inviting other people into the conversation to share their opinion.
What to say when… you want to interrupt
So what about what to say when you want to interrupt? When someone else is talking and you want to interrupt them.
Well there are definitely ways to do it rudely but of course, there are many ways to do it politely as well. Sometimes you have to interrupt in conversations. So of course, you could say:
8. Sorry
9. Excuse me – is a little more polite
And then you can actually .
If you’re a person wanting to develop the confident English speaking version of yourself that’s just as expressive, as intelligent and interesting as you are in your own language, then you should definitely check out  this.

It is a course aimed  at helping  all around the world to meet and practise speaking English together. We have real conversations about the things in life that are most important.
We can help you to quickly find reliable speaking partners, offer you guidance from native teachers, build your conversation skills and overcome your fears and your frustrations about speaking English fluently.
So if you want to keep improving your English conversation skills or maybe you’re looking for a way to maintain the skills that you’ve already developed, then I hope you’ll come and check it out.

You will learn

✓ English medium of instruction lessons
✓ English Conversation Practice
✓ Indian Classical Dance
✓ Bharatanatyam


• Good net connection

This course is for

• Beginners to advanced
Teacher for Indian Classical Dance of Bharatanatyam, English
Sarita M Wariyer

Teaching Indian dance class online
And also English lessons.

She is one of the first teachers here, among the Indian Classical Dance teachers who has prepared a course for the students.

An English teacher for differently abled students

Special Educator for students with learning difficulties

I am also a volunteer for the blind and visually impaired and take classes for deaf youngsters.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 2m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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