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Master Life Coach & Practitioner| INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED

This professional coaching course is a comprehensive life coaching system, complete with step-by-step session guides
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I am so excited to offer this 6 Pillar Master Life Coach Practitioner course to you! In this course we will cover the foundations (Pillars) of:
•The 3 Pursuits: Spiritual, Business, Life Experience
•The 3 Beliefs: Money, Fairness, People
You will dive deep into the psychological make-up, traumas and behaviors, and use healing energy, spiritual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to guide the client/apprentice through the session calls, daily inspirations  and communications.
Within this course you will:
•Be able to have 6 month consistency per client/apprentice to build a consistent business
•You will learn how to have one-on-one monthly meetings with supportive session guide sheets
•You will understand how to run the weekly calls with the supportive call guide
•You will have a map of how to create, and where to gather your daily inspirations
•You will understand how to set your own value with the calculation sheet
•You will feel confident in unpacking psychological aspects of your apprentices emotional state, and how to lead them to their solutions
•You will learn how to set realistic expectations with your client/apprentices
•You will be given the 6 Pillar Media Description for all digital media (website, etc.)
•You will be given the 6 Pillar Soul Coaching Therapy marketing commercial verbiage for your own tweaking & a sample commercial to hear as your basis
•You will learn about money beliefs and blocks in assisting clients in resolving their money blocks, as well as yours, in asking for the business
There is so much more info in the nooks and crannies of this course. Enjoy it. Do the work yourself, so you are truly able to guide others once you have finished! Request your formal certificate by email from the Place of Bliss Academy. There is a final wrap up sheet with all the contact information to do so.
All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)
See you in class!

You will learn

✓ Learn the 6 Pillar Foundations that create life’s stability
✓ Learn the psychology of each pillar subject & why it is Important
✓ Create a consistent client/apprentice business with 6 month commitments
✓ Learn how to set client/apprentice expectations
✓ Learn to identify blocks, patterns and storylines that create emotional stress
✓ Learn how to perform the monthly sessions & use the 6 monthly sessions questionnaires with apprentices
✓ Learn how to hold weekly focus calls that don’t go overtime, or turn into counseling sessions
✓ Learn how to provide daily inspiration, group or individual
✓ Learn how to calculate the value of your coaching program by State
✓ Learn how to create a marketing video with supplied video and verbiage


• All Levels Welcome

This course is for

• Healers, Energy Workers, Reiki Practitioners, Lightworkers, Soul Care Workers, Alternative Therapists, Therapists
Alternative Healing Therapist, Reiki Master, Counselor
I am an Alternative Healing Therapist, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapy Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator and Certified Minister of Peace with 20 Years in Practice!
I have studied Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, have been Certified as a Minister of Peace, am a Certified International Natural Healer, Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Health Educator, and a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist.  My specialty has been combining rational goal setting and reason with addressing the spiritual, social needs of others and helping them sculpt their soul into who they want to become.
The most important part of all my education and experience is the act of being human and having lived (and suffered) in order to be able to help others. All the things that I teach I have lived through myself. Helping others gives my life meaning.
Something interesting about me: I’m an artist who makes miniatures, upcycle art, addicted to home design and creativity, rescue senior dogs, love Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Marathons and am a Star Trek Next Generation Fan (Nerd). I have written close to 20 books and In 2018 I spent the year traveling the US to find inspirational artists and view their work.
Thank you for choosing me as your instructor and I hope you continue to come back for more courses as I add them.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 40m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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