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Certifications & requirements when importing from China

Learn everything you need to know about testing, compliance & certificates you need when importing from China
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Have you ever wondered what you need to meet legally when importing from China? Did you know that customs can seize your product if you don’t comply with standards, have certain test reports and legal standards meet? Did you know that Amazon is cracking down on sellers who’s products don’t comply with standards? 
Have you ever worried about test reports, customs and what national laws and standards you need to meet when you buy a product from China? Be it CE or REACH for Europe or FDA or FCC for the US, not sure which one applies and what you need? 
Not sure what test reports in terms of compliance you need when you import something? 
Then this is the course for you. In this course I walk you through all the standards and laws there are out there for the US and the European Union. In the first Module I explain all the basics to give you a better understanding what you need to meet legally, where you can save money and how to find the right standard for your product. I explain in laymen’s terms what all these standards mean and how you can simply comply to them. 
In module 2 & 3 I walk you trough the most common regulations and legislations within the European Union and the United States. You’ll learn the basics and will understand what all the standards and laws mean for your product and how to apply them. 
In module 4 I provide you with actionable PDF’s for 30 product categories. Be it electronics, kitchen, garden, toys or furniture’s. I explain each PDF or Product Requirement Profile and all you have to do when you source from China is to send this PDF to your chosen suppliers and ask them if they can fulfill your requirements. 
I give examples in each PDF that apply to all product categories. For example if you are not sure what your kitchen helper has to meet in terms of standards and compliance you just have to look at PDF No.14, look at the country requirements, laws and certifications and ask your supplier if he can meet them. You don’t have to look any further and dig trough the internet and read hundreds of PDF’s still not knowing what standard you have to meet. This is a testing plan with everything your product needs. 
In later modules I give you case studies on different product groups and how I find out what certification they need to meet. I also give you contacts of test laboratories and how you can contact them and get your product tested. Finally I explain how you can find out if a supplier is sending you fake certificates or not. This will help you filter out the good from the bad ones. 
With this course you’ll get a practical roadmap to ensure compliance with all mandatory safety standards & labelling requirements for Europe and North America.
Laboratories will charge you thousands of dollars for this kind of information and you’ll still have to pay for all the testing costs. 
Find out below how this course will make your life easy and your products from China compliant to national standards and laws
My Name is Manuel and I am Entrepreneur based in Hong Kong for the last 12 years. I have several courses on Udemy in regards to importing, selling on Amazon and general business in China and Hong Kong. 
I run my own sourcing company in Hong Kong, teach people how to import from China, author several books sold on Amazon and sell my own products on Amazon. Many “gurus” out there will only give you examples and techniques that “might work” but none of them have actually worked and lived in China, importing/exporting over 200Million USD like I have. 
Join today to never have to worry again about which certification you need for your products. 

You will learn

✓ Understand the basic requirements you need to fulfill when importing from China
✓ Have actionable and case study examples on how to make a product compliant to standards and laws
✓ Understand the jungle and maze of European & North American regulations & legislations
✓ Know how to fill out EC-DOC documents, self declarations and issuing certificates
✓ Import any product from China to the US & Europe while complying with all national laws and standards


• You need Internet access
• You need Microsoft office for some of the supporting material

This course is for

• Entrepreneurs and anyone who imports from China
• eCommerce sellers
• Amazon FBA sellers, eBay sellers, wholesalers, retailers, importers
China Expert with over 17 years of experience
My name is Manuel and I was born in Austria in a little town called Melk. For me Asia and its perks always fascinated me since I can remember. I remember watching Bruce Lee & Chinese movies as a kid and was hooked right away. My professional career started in 1998 when I worked for Austria’s biggest DIY retailer (bauMax). I moved to Hong Kong in 2005 when I was offered a position as an intern to work for one of the biggest Sourcing Offices in Hong Kong with a staff over 200 people.
For more than 10 years I worked with the biggest retailers in the world on developing, sourcing and finding new products for them.
These retailers included: Metro, Rewe, OBI, Carrefour, Tesco, WalMart, Amazon, Auchan, Lowes, Sears, Homedepot and many others.
As you can imagine the big retailers expect their products to be more than just conform to standards and regulations when they purchase them in Asia. They need to be at the highest standard and quality. These retailers cannot afford to have a product re-call due to quality problems or defective components. These products need to be top-notch.
In those 10 years I got to know all the standards and product requirements there are and additionally gained a lot of experience and insight working with factories in China.
Not just that. I learned a lot about China, its culture & manufacturing. Where & how to find the best suppliers, how to negotiate and communicate with them, how to arrange business travel for my Customers and a lot more.
In the busiest seasons (April & October), I was accompanying up to 30 Buyers within a month to exhibitions, factories and showrooms to help negotiate, develop products and follow up the Buyer’s requests after they were gone. I got to know all the tips & tricks you need to return home from your trip successfully.
I now have an Import/Export company based in Hong Kong that you can find under my links.
I also speak publicly at large events within Asia, Europe and North America. You can also find my content on podcasts, e-interviews and magazines. I run a blog that discusses everyday business, eCommerce and importing from China. Feel free to head over to my educational site mentioned in my profile. 
I also have several courses here on Udemy discussing import from China, selling on Amazon and other eCommerce channels as well as certification and compliance to national standards and laws. 
Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 
All the best,
Manuel Becvar
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 23m
Language: English
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