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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) – Technical Classes

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Table of contents


Exam Description
The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) Practical Exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam that
requires a candidate to plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize dual stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6) for complex enterprise networks.

Candidates are expected to program and automate the network within their exam, as per exam topics below.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam.
Your knowledge, skills and abilities on these topics will be tested throughout the entire network
lifecycle, unless explicitly specified otherwise within this document.

1.1 Switched campus

1.1.a Switch administration
1.1.a i Managing MAC address table
1.1.a ii Errdisable recovery
1.1.a iii L2 MTU
1.1.b Layer 2 protocols
1.1.b i CDP, LLDP
1.1.b ii UDLD
1.1.c VLAN technologies
1.1.c i Access ports
1.1.c ii Trunk ports (802.1Q)
1.1.c iii Native VLAN
1.1.c iv Manual VLAN pruning
1.1.c v VLAN database
1.1.c vi Normal range and extended range VLANs
1.1.c vii Voice VLAN
1.1.c viii VTP
1.1.d EtherChannel
1.1.d i LACP, static
1.1.d ii Layer 2, Layer 3
1.1.d iii Load balancing
1.1.d iv EtherChannel Misconfiguration Guard
1.1.e Spanning- Tree Protocol
1.1.e i PVST+, Rapid PVST+, MST
1.1.e ii Switch priority, port priority, path cost, STP timers
1.1.e iii PortFast, BPDU Guard, BPDU Filter
1.1.e iv Loop Guard, Root Guard
1.2 Routing Concepts

1.2.a Administrative distance
1.2.b VRF-lite
1.2.c Static routing
1.2.d Policy Based Routing
1.2.e VRF aware routing with any routing protocol
1.2.f Route filtering with any routing protocol
1.2.g Manual summarization with any routing protocol
1.2.h Redistribution between any pair of routing protocols
1.2.i Routing protocol authentication
1.2.j Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

1.3.a Adjacencies
1.3.b Best path selection
1.3.b i RD, FD, FC, successor, feasible successor
1.3.b ii Classic Metrics and Wide Metrics
1.3.c Operations
1.3.c i General operations
1.3.c ii Topology table
1.3.c iii Packet types
1.3.c iv Stuck In Active
1.3.c v Graceful shutdown
1.3.d EIGRP load-balancing
1.3.d i Equal-cost
1.3.d ii Unequal-cost
1.3.d iii Add-path
1.3.e EIGRP Named Mode
1.3.f Optimization, convergence and scalability
1.3.f i Fast convergence requirements
1.3.f ii Query propagation boundaries
1.3.f iii IP FRR (single hop)
1.3.f iv Leak-map with summary routes
1.3.f v EIGRP stub with leak map
1.4 OSPF (v2 and v3)

1.4.a Adjacencies
1.4.b Network types, area types
1.4.c Path preference
1.4.d Operations
1.4.d i General operations
1.4.d ii Graceful shutdown
1.4.d iii GTSM (Generic TTL Security Mechanism)
1.4.e Optimization, convergence and scalability
1.4.e i Metrics
1.4.e ii LSA throttling, SPF tuning, fast hello
1.4.e iii LSA propagation control (area types)
1.4.e iv Stub router
1.4.e v Loop-free alternate
1.4.e vi Prefix suppression
1.5 BGP

1.5.a IBGP and EBGP peer relationships
1.5.a i Peer-group/update-group, template
1.5.a ii Active, passive
1.5.a iii Timers
1.5.a iv Dynamic neighbors
1.5.a v 4-bytes AS numbers
1.5.a vi Private AS
1.5.b Path selection
1.5.b i Attributes
1.5.b ii Best path selection algorithm
1.5.b iii Load-balancing
1.5.c Routing policies
1.5.c i Attribute manipulation
1.5.c ii Conditional advertisement
1.5.c iii Outbound Route Filtering
1.5.c iv Standard and extended communities
1.5.c v Multi-homing
1.5.d AS path manipulations
1.5.d i local-AS, allowas-in, remove-private-as
1.5.d ii Prepend
1.5.d iii Regexp
1.5.e Convergence and scalability
1.5.e i Route reflector
1.5.e ii Aggregation, as-set
1.5.f Other BGP features
1.5.f i Multipath, add-path
1.5.f ii Soft reconfiguration, Route Refresh
1.6 Multicast

1.6.a Layer 2 multicast
1.6.a i IGMPv2, IGMPv3
1.6.a ii IGMP Snooping, PIM Snooping
1.6.a iii IGMP Querier
1.6.a iv IGMP Filter
1.6.a v MLD
1.6.b Reverse path forwarding check
1.6.c PIM
1.6.c i Sparse Mode
1.6.c ii Static RP, BSR, AutoRP
1.6.c iii Group to RP Mapping
1.6.c iv Bidirectional PIM
1.6.c v Source-Specific Multicast
1.6.c vi Multicast boundary, RP announcement filter
1.6.c vii PIMv6 Anycast RP
1.6.c viii IPv4 Anycast RP using MSDP
1.6.c ix Multicast multipath

You will learn

✓ More about any of the topics that you encountered in the CCNA and CCNP Enterprise exams.
✓ Anything there is to know about switching topics like VLANs, trunks, spanning-tree and Etherchannels.
✓ Anything there is to know about routing protocols RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP.
✓ Tunneling topics like MPLS and DMVPN.
✓ Quality of Service (QoS) & Automation


• You have mastered all topics in CCNA
• You have mastered all topics in CCNP ENCOR

This course is for

• Network designers
• Network administrators
• Network engineers
• Consulting systems engineers
• Cisco integrators and partners

How much does the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) - Technical Classes course cost? Is it worth it?

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Does the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) - Technical Classes course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) – Technical Classes has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) - Technical Classes course, but there is a $72 discount from the original price ($84.99). So the current price is just $12.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Ratnesh K - 20,000+ Students Worldwide a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Ratnesh K – 20,000+ Students Worldwide has created 22 courses that got 2,591 reviews which are generally positive. Ratnesh K – 20,000+ Students Worldwide has taught 12,403 students and received a 4.2 average review out of 2,591 reviews. Depending on the information available, Ratnesh K – 20,000+ Students Worldwide is a TRUSTED instructor.
2xCCIE (DC & Security) # 61380 – Consultant & Trainer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 41h 59m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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