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CBT Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Management Life Coach

CBT Anxiety Management Cognitive Behavioral Specialization: Enhance emotional intelligence & cope with anxiety and fear
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Table of contents


Students who complete this course are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Anxiety Management Specialty Coach Certification (12-B.4  Member in Good Standing with 12 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours). 
Accredited certificates are awarded on a 1-year basis with the option to extend or renew.
Providing you complete the course on the Udemy platform, and are approved by the CSA Application Review Team, you’ll be granted permission to display your CSA Teaching credentials to both current and prospective clients.
(Provider No: 776727)
Patrick Spring Howell is recognized as a top Udemy instructor in the life coaching category (52,000 students | 172 countries).
This program includes access to a thriving community of active teachers, life coaches, professionals, and personal growth enthusiasts. Together we strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.
This cognitive-behavioral coaching course is NOT to be used for the treatment of mental illness. This training is designed for use in life coaching or as a personal reflective tool. Coaches (or prospective coaches) enrolling in this course MUST refer anyone seeking or in need of mental health services, to a qualified mental health professional immediately.
★★★★★  “I am blown away by this course. It is both challenging and engaging.” – Samantha
★★★★★  “I’ve taken many courses on Udemy, but this was by far, the best one.” – Lilly
★★★★★ “This course exceeded my expectations. This is the first course I have taken with Patrick and it was both clearly taught and comprehensive.” – Rachel
★★★★★  “This is my first Udemy course and I was very worried it (and all other courses), would be shallow and without value. I am so happy to say the information is valuable and it is delivered by a very credible source.” – William
★★★★★  “I love how everything is right to the point, the information needed is given, examples, exercises and videos are so easy to follow and grasp key points!   No fluff, I really like the format, and the instructor!” – Maureen
★★★★★ “Very straight to the point and no ranting, personal opinions, or fluff. I LOVED and enjoyed every bit of this course and learned so much.” – Mitch

Please note that students of this Specialty Area training do NOT need to be certified coaches to receive a Life Coach Specialty Certificate.  Being an enrolled life coaching student may add to the context of this training, but additional certification is not a prerequisite for this specialty program. In fact, many students enroll in a Specialty Certification Course as a reflective life tool, or for personal and family reasons.
Class participants who complete the course requirements are eligible to receive a CBT Life Coach Specialization.  The certificate is valid for two years from issuance and may be renewed with proof of continuing education within three months of expiration.
This course is fully accredited by the internationally recognized agency CPD Accreditation (Accredited Provider No: 776727), and 12 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits are available. Details for how to apply for official certification and 12 CPD/CE credits are provided at the end of the training program. 
*In addition to the course Videos, Student Workbook, Handouts and Supplementary material, students should be prepared to practice the training material for a minimum of 22 course hours. 
Gain your professional credentials in this CBT Life Coaching Specialty Area and;
•Create new exciting opportunities in the established field of life coaching
•Take immediate action with included coaching templates and resources
•Equip yourself and your clients to overcome negative thinking
•Create positive changes that are sustainable
•Tackle harmful core and catastrophic beliefs
•Turn a downward spiral into an opportunity for positive change
•Overcome faulty programming responsible for anxiety and depression
CBT Life Coaching Specialty Areas – Anxiety, Phobias and Depression – Master Difficult Emotions and Restructure Your Mind
Who is the target audience?
•This course is well-suited for the typical practitioners of CBT life coaching including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social  workers, pastors, organizational leaders, parents and other wellness professionals
•Anyone wishing to contribute to society from within a helping profession
•This Specialty Training is ideal for those interested in the field of Cognitive Behavioral practices related to integrative wellness
•Anyone working towards self-actualization
•Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction

You will learn

✓ Accredited 12 CPD/CE Continuing Education Hours Provider #776727
✓ Superb student reviews
✓ Foster a heightened degree of emotional intelligence
✓ Research-based interventions to bolster self-belief and locus of control
✓ Enhance your ability to cope with anxiety
✓ Strategies to help end a cycle of negative rumination
✓ Discover a new context for irrational fear
✓ Enhance self-trust and inner confidence
✓ Learn techniques to replace negative thinking and “worse case scenario” thoughts
✓ Challenge negative core beliefs and set new milestones for a healthier life
✓ How to identify faulty thinking patterns and coach through them
✓ Free customizable coaching workbook and handouts
✓ Official specialty certification in the established field of life coaching
✓ Psychological structure for handling panic and anxiety


• Students should be prepared to practice the course material for approximately 22 additional hours Official life coach specialization accreditation

This course is for

• Ideal training for those who are interested in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coaching practices
• Typical practitioners of CBT life coaching including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, parents and other wellness professionals
• Active coaching and therapy professionals interested in integrative approaches
• Professional use or as a personal reflective life tool
• Professionals needing to fulfill Continuing Education requirements
• Students beginning a vocation as life coaching professional
• Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction
• Anyone working towards self-actualization

How much does the CBT Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Management Life Coach course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $21.99. And currently there is a 82% discount on the original price of the course, which was $124.99. So you save $103 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $15.4 of 47 CBT courses on Udemy.

Does the CBT Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Management Life Coach course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, CBT Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Management Life Coach has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the CBT Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Management Life Coach course, but there is a $103 discount from the original price ($124.99). So the current price is just $21.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Patrick Howell a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Patrick Howell has created 12 courses that got 8,306 reviews which are generally positive. Patrick Howell has taught 55,974 students and received a 4.5 average review out of 8,306 reviews. Depending on the information available, Patrick Howell is a TRUSTED instructor.
Internationally Recognized Life Coach Expert Positive Psych


Stop asking permission . . .

To be amazing.
To have powerful thoughts that WILL change people’s lives.
To launch your business.
To get started.
To tell the world about your life-changing offer.

Some of the best ‘coaching’ I ever got as a young entrepreneur was simply,

“Patrick, Stop Asking for Permission”

Education truly is the best investment for your future.  

My training programs have the potential to change your life.

Patrick Spring Howell


I believe silence in the face of unjust or racist acts is shit.

I believe transformational knowledge needs to be available to everyone regardless of economic status

I believe coaches will change the world. Big time.

I believe innate inner-wisdom is underutilized

I believe if I can do it then sure as heck you can too

I believe that entrepreneurial efforts are the ultimate expression of one’s personal empowerment

I believe in personal transformation

I believe it’s never too late to get your shit ironed-out. Stop believing that crap excuse.

I believe in the capacity of the human spirit. Freakin huge.

I believe the past does not NEED to equal the future

I believe that in challenge lies great opportunity. Hell yes.

I believe in leading a self-directed life

I believe that comfort is waaaaaaaaay overrated

I believe an intellectual spark can light the world

I believe having a joyful relationship with money brings more of it

I believe marketing for life coaches is really not that tricky (it’s always just 1 human being making a decision to not go it alone)

I believe (and experienced) it takes four thoughts for clients to decide to hire

Yeah…I really like her/him

In my bones, I feel I can TRUST him/her to not judge, but help

Damn, they really seem to know their stuff

Hey, I think they can help me



Patrick is the bestselling co-author of Positive Workplace: Positive Psychology American Society of Training & Development Employers Field Manual, executive coach, speaker, and a founding member and Life Coaching Director of the Institute for Advanced Human Performance.               

As a social entrepreneur, Patrick is involved in the courses he instructs and relishes interaction with students from 172 countries.

Patrick’s precise communication style and depth of practice offer students a unique opportunity to engage in learning that brings about sustainable life-changing results.

Recognized as a leading mastermind in applied coaching and positive psychology he is co-author of the groundbreaking Applied Coaching ASTD publication Positive Workplace (ASTD Press @2015).

Life coaching director at the Institute for Advanced Human Performance (2013 – 2017). Patrick continues to work with social-minded entrepreneurs to create sustainable change on many levels.

Patrick and his team continue to effect change within international organizations seeking; engaged employees, workplace well-being, and a promising future for staff and shareholders.

*US Department of Defense 
*Johnson & Johnson
*Meridian Health

CPD/CE (Continuing Professional Development) Provider #776727


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 3m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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