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Car Design Sketching: Render a Car in Photoshop

Car Design Sketching: Learn the easy way to sketch and render a car in Photoshop without advanced Photoshop tools.
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Join over 1400 students in this action packed video course on car design sketching using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.
Are you just starting out with sketching cars in Photoshop? Or are you an automotive design or industrial design student or professional? This course will help you improve your sketching skills which is of great value when building a professional portfolio. I’ll walk you through each step of the design sketching process from initial line work to the final render and give you an insight to how it’s done in the design industry. 
The course is divided into 4 lectures. 
In lecture 1 we go over two different techniques on how to get the proportions of the car down. The reason for this is because without correct proportions from the start, it might end up looking like a toy car. 
In lecture 2 we’ll make the car come alive by rendering and sculpting the design. I’ll walk you through the basic tools and brushes used for this. 
Lecture 3 is about adding the details such as parting lines for the door, import wheels from a picture and refine the reflections and highlights. 
In the final lecture 4 we’ll add color to the design and I’ll show you the difference between using a couple of layer modes to get the result that you want. You will also learn a trick to make the final image really stand out and feel crisp and sharp. 
As a bonus lecture you’ll get 
  1, The brush set that I use for Photoshop 
  2, The original .psd file so you can open it up on your computer and see the layer structure and what goes in every layer. 
  3, Two additional lectures on how to sketch a car from an upper side POV. This is important to learn and used often, especially for automotive design students. 
Bonus lecture 2 
Downloadable this .pdf with a step by step walk through on the techniques used to sketch a car in side view using markers and pens. 
Bonus lecture 3   
Having problems sketching wheels? Not anymore! Check out this bonus video lecture on how to sketch wheels and get them right in perspective. This will help your sketch tremendously and will make the vehicle look planted on the ground.
Click the “take this course” button and have your own car design rendered 2 hours from now

You will learn

✓ Produce a professional level sketch of a car in Photoshop
✓ Learn two different techniques on how to get the proportions of the car fast
✓ Use only standard PS brushes to sculpt and shade the design as it’s done in the industry
✓ Control how and where to put highlights – this is important to make the sketch come alive
✓ Learn how to add cutlines such as door lines to make the sketch look real and manufacturable
✓ Import wheels and make them a part of your sketch to save time
✓ Chose between two very fast and effective coloring techniques
✓ Add this magical touch as a final step to really make your sketch stand out of the crowd


• You should be familiar with how to use sketching tablets such as a Wacom
• You should have access to a computer with Photoshop installed

This course is for

• This course is for design students and professionals who use digital sketching software such as Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro to produce design proposals and concepts
• This course is probably not for design engineers since its focus is on the aesthetic side of the design process
• Basic knowledge of Photoshop is needed
Designer, YouTuber & Online Teacher
Hi, I’m Marouane. I’m here to help you get started with design sketching or to improve your existing sketching skills.I value your time and I’m honored that you chose to know more about my courses here on Udemy.  
What I can guarantee you in all my courses is that you’ll get actionable advice and learn techniques that you can implement immediately and see results. I cut the nonsense out of my lectures and focus on what matters. This is something I know I appreciate when taking a course and I think you do too. 
Who are you and what can you do for me, Marouane? 
You could say I’m a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) who loves design and helping others succeed. I have worked as an industrial designer, concept artist and illustrator for over 8 years and online marketer for a couple of years now. The techniques I’m sharing with you have allowed me to live my vision I had as a kid, which was to work as a designer and move from a small suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden to the sunny beaches of South Florida. 
My professional design journey began in 2008 designing consumer electronics for companies in Hong Kong and the U.S. 
In 2010 I moved to Italy to study a master degree in automotive design in collaboration with the design team from Audi and Lamborghini and I graduated a year later. Since then my designs have been featured online and in numerous magazines such as Auto Motor & Sport, Auto Express, Car Magazine, Top Speed and Car Scoop. 
What I do 
I run my YouTube channel and teach students around the world the art of design sketching and car design.
Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with companies in Switzerland, Italy, USA and Sweden, designing products ranging from medical equipment and food packaging machines to concept art and automotive design. 
Why should I join your courses? 
If you want to get started with design sketching or improve your skills and you want someone to guide you in the right direction, my courses are for you. I will be there to help you as much as I can in the discussion board of each course, but you have to have the mindset and desire to want to learn. That’s all you need.
See you inside!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 18m
Language: English
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