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Cancer-Healing Foods and Recipes

A Course for Practitioners, Caregivers and Patients: Doctor-Approved Nutrition for Best Health Outcomes
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So many of my patients (and sometimes other practitioners) have asked for some recipes for the nutritional recommendations I suggest to my patients for their management and/or prevention of cancer. Many would have liked such a guide from previous Health Care Practitioners that they have worked with prior to seeing me (whether MDs, nurses, other NDs, Dieticians or Nutritionists most often). It was time to make such a guide for patients, caregivers/families and other Health Care Practitioners too.
Lectures include description of key ingredients with academic researched information from published journal articles that may be useful for either practitioners or patients for understanding what research has shown us about the value of the ingredients suggested in course.  Simple, Easy, Information-filled (with down-loadable/printable PDFs of references for specific ingredients covered), and handy downloadable/printable Recipe Book using the ingredients I suggest most often!
References are most useful for people interested in research and to learn from themselves, or to share with the health care team working with patients. Ingredients in recipes are focused on decreasing chronic inflammation that is associated with a cancer diagnosis. Much researched backing is shared for each key ingredient discussed, and all research is printable.
If you are looking to make meals yourself for a friend or family member battling a cancer diagnosis, you now have a handy resource to refer to. You will. be able to understand why the ingredients presented in this course will be useful, and you will find that the recipes are tasty as well as easy to make.
If you work with patients/clients that are looking for a simple recipe book rather than one flooded with hundreds of recipes, this will provide a simple resource.
Finally, if you are looking to inspire someone who may live alone to cook some simple meals that will decrease the chronic inflammation specifically related to cancer, this will be an easy way to inspire with simple but tasty recipes.
Please remember that all information presented in this course is intended to help people work with cancer from an educated nutritional-perspective offered through years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor. The course is not intended to be used instead of, or to replace any help from a health practitioner directly involved with patient care and is not intended to replace such help. All recommendations should be shared with the healthcare professionals that are working with the patient.
This course does also guide practitioners on how to most mindfully communicate with their patients/clients. It is intended to also remind practitioners about the strong connection between mind and body healing which can be enhanced with specific nutritional choices and consciously-focusing on the benefits of foods during meal times.

You will learn

✓ Have a few key and best-researched food choices for benefits for cancer management and/or prevention.
✓ Understand the nutritional benefits of key foods in diet for immune-boosting and cancer-fighting benefits.
✓ Learn how to make some healthy, tasty and easy recipes that will help fight cancer from recipes provided.
✓ Learn about simple and tasty cancer recipes to choose from, that include healthy ingredients to create for self and/or share with others.
✓ Understand and read the research backing the ingredients.


• Students should have a basic understanding of cancer as an illness that benefits from good nutrition.
• Personal interest in cooking or suggesting recipes to clients, friends or family.
• Access to a computer for viewing course and printer for printing recipes provided if desired.
• Communication with healthcare providers to ensure safety of nutritional suggestions.

This course is for

• Individuals working through management of own cancer diagnosis.
• Healthcare practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, Dieticians) looking for easy resource for patients.
• Friends or family interested in helping make or suggest food choices to someone with cancer diagnosis.
• Individuals who are interested in cancer prevention through healthy nutrition.
Compassionate Grief Recovery, Mindfulness&Meditation Coach
Hello! In a nutshell, I am a Grief Recovery, Brain Re-Training, Spiritual Guide focused on Conscious healing of the mind, body and soul. I love people, nature, writing poetry, reading, and teaching people how to be the best of themselves.
My latest “I” Sight Course is specifically about learning one of the ways we can understand Higher Consciousness – which flows to us and through us. For me today, It is flowing through my online and/or personal training for clients, and through poetry writing that is coming from an inspired space of both wisdom and playfulness. Two new books have just been published last month (November 2021) – contact me for details if you’re interested.
The longer (far from nutshell) version: I started my career with Bachelor of Science Degree Specializing in Neuropsychology at the University of Alberta, then proceeded to McMaster University to study Health Sciences.  I was involved with several research projects while I was at McMaster and focused most on chronic health concerns and caregiver stress.  I then studied Naturopathic Medicine in a 4-year program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, followed by a 2-year residency program in which I focused on Eastern Medicine.  I have taught various courses from Anatomy and Physiology, Gynaecology, Minor Surgery, and Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture. I am also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and have worked with many people – friends, family, and patients with this process to help process the grief that can come from the numerous sources of losses in all of our lives.
I was one of the co-founders of the Canadian Integrative Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada and I am continuing to focus my care in this area and chronic illness in general.
I have always felt that best health combines a foundation of good nutrition and blends this with optimism, intention and belief in the body/mind/soul for long term success in health goals. Did I mention that I am also a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner (Certified in Level 1,2, 3, and Master’s Levels). My Cancer Healing Foods course on Udemy is intended to help build/inspire this foundation for viewers and those in need. The guidance for mindfulness, optimism, and mind-retraining will come in future courses.
The purely fun-side: I am a nature and animal-lover due largely to the inspiration and influence of my first and only dog – a Miniature Schnauzer – Caesar Augustus von Schnauzer – who helped me create a mini-schnauzer dog-blog (Schnauzer Savvy on WordPress); and a YouTube channel (Dogtor Caesar) based on my desire to share what he has helped me learn about this breed’s needs and capabilities! Also the inspiration for my Pet Loss course here on Udemy. He continues to be the background joy in each love-filled step I take.
The greatest joys in my life are the countless blessings I receive from my patients/clients, my dearest friends, my loving family, and my dog (even from far) every single day.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 37m
Language: English
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