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Calculus 1: The key for Science, Engineering and Economics.

All the topics of Calculus 1 in a detailed, comprehensive and interactive course, both theoretically and practically.
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Limits, derivatives, integrals and much more in just one course!
Are you looking for a new challenge? Learning new skills? Improving your cultural baggage? Or do you just need a clear and complete course on calculus 1?
Well, this course may be the solution you’re looking for!

In this course you will find all the topics of Calculus 1 explained with video lectures, step-by-step exercises, interesting proofs, quiz, formulas sheets and a lot of exercise to solve by yourself in order to maximize your study.

•Big-O notation
•Complex numbers
•Taylor and Maclaurin series
•Extras (real life application, study of functions and particular cases).

•Lectures: are video in which we will explain to you all the concepts of Calculus 1, they are fundamental to learn in the best way possible the theoretical part, nevertheless you will also find numerical and graphical examples so you will understand the concepts also from a practical point of view.
•Tutorials: are PDF files in which exercises are explained with all the steps and observations.
It’s very useful to analyze carefully the tutorials because in doing so you will learn how to approach and solve all the possible types of exercises that you will encounter typically in Calculus 1
•Exercises: are PDF files similar to tutorials but without the intermediate steps, we decided to divide them from tutorials because solving these exercises using only what you have learned will fix the concepts perfectly in your mind.
So, its important to do the tutorials before exercises, in the first ones you will learn the method led by us and then you will apply the concepts learned by yourself.
•Quiz: are useful for you to check your progress and to be more conscious about the parts in which you are less prepared so you can revise them.
The most difficult ones have hints that are displayed if you choose the wrong answer
Moreover all the lectures are available with English CC (not autogenerated, edited directly from us).
Of course we will always be by your side during this journey so, do not hesitate to ask whenever you have a problem or something is not clear enough.

What are you waiting for?
See you in the first lecture!

You will learn

✓ Precalculus: numerical sets, factorials, binary relations, all types of function and their properties
✓ Limits, continuity (and discontinuity), theorems and several methods to solve them
✓ Big-O notation (Landau notation) and asymptotic behavior
✓ Derivatives, non differentiable points, theorems and real world applications
✓ Polar coordinates system, complex numbers and Euler’s formula
✓ Integrals (definite and indefinite), fundamental theorem of calculus and all the types of integration techniques
✓ Study of functions
✓ Taylor and Maclaurin series


• Basic mathematical skills, foundation in algebra and geometry (don’t worry, every topic useful for the course is reviewed in the first section)

This course is for

• Students that are following courses on this topic and need a tool to ace the exam or to deeply understand all the concepts
• Students that are going to start calculus at university and want to get ahead
• Anyone who need a quick and effective recap for further studies
• Anyone that is looking for a new challenge to increase their knowledge and to sharpen their logical skills
• Anyone who want to understand Calculus 1 in the best and fast way possible
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We firmly believe in advanced methods of teaching such as online education both as support to university and self-learning students.
Our goal is to create engaging courses on different topics about engineering in order to give all the skills needed in a clear and direct way also with images, examples and exercises allowing the understanding of the subject on a theoretical and practical point of view.

Our strenght is the flexibilty, we aim to improve our courses constantly by listening to feedbacks and updating frequently the courses to give you the best possible learning experience.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 20m
Language: English
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