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C#: Coding for Beginners. A Hands-on Approach to Learning

Master the fundamentals of C# by using your knowledge to create applications that will enhance your learning.
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This course will teach you the basic concepts and theories of the C# coding language. You will learn how to write clean code that is formatted in an easy-to-read way. I will show you shortcuts that will enable you to use less keystrokes and avoid misspelling code. The course is taught using a hands-on approach to C# that enables you to be actively involved in your learning rather than passively involved by listening to lectures. At the end of the course you will have the practical knowledge needed to advance to an intermediate level of C# coding.
To reinforce your knowledge, you will be provided with quizzes at the end of each section that will allow you to assess your mastery of the material before you move on to the next section of the course. As you progress through the course your knowledge and confidence in coding will grow.
In the course you will also learn how to use the Visual Studio integrated development environment. Visual Studio is a phenomenal developer tool that enables you to create web sites, web apps, desktop apps, web services, windows store apps and mobile apps (iPhone and Android). For this course, we will use Visual Studio to create console applications. 
Who is this for?

Are you interested in learning the C# coding language and have little to no experience?  Do you have prior programming experience and want to learn C#?
Answer Yes to anyone of these questions?  Then this course is for YOU!
Build a strong foundation of C# syntax and structure through this easy to follow course.  Topics covered in this C# course include classes, arrays, loops, constructors, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism.
Positive job outlook, opportunity to be creative and learn a highly desirable skill.  Take the first steps today towards learning a new skill that can launch your programming career! 
What students who completed this course are saying:
“I am very pleased in purchasing this course. I found the information to be very informative, clear and concise. Not only that but I love how the instructor took a hands on approach in this course and made you feel as if he was right there guiding you through every issue and showing you step by step how to code. Along with that I was taught in this course how to research on your own to resolve problems you might encounter later on as a coder. This course is suitable for both beginners and advance coders that don’t know C# and would like to learn it. I enjoyed this course and instructor and would recommend this course to anyone reading this review!” – Akeem Fyine
“I really enjoyed the course. It’s great for someone who wants to learn the fundamentals of C# programming. I feel I gained a great understanding of the concepts presented and I am prepared to advance to an intermediate level of learning.” – Judy Nunez
“This is an excellent course. The examples given and pace of the course is perfect in order to learn this material. Having learned about array and loops and variable assignment in VB.Net it was much easier to understand from this course. This course goes into just enough depth to learn the concepts without bogging down a beginner with overly complex examples.” – Roger Henderson
“Very easy to follow, its step by step its exactly how I like walk throughs.” – Jahnii Moore 
“The Instructor Efrain is clear and Explain very well at every single step. This is the course I am enjoying the most compared to other courses I took on Udemy!” – Eugene Uwiragiye 

You will learn

✓ Build applications and launch a career as a C# programmer.
✓ Understand the fundamentals of the C# programming language.
✓ Create console applications.
✓ Work with expressions and operators.
✓ Declare and manipulate variables.
✓ Understand inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism.
✓ Use classes and objects.
✓ Define methods.
✓ Learn about flow of control statements: loops and conditions.
✓ Debug your applications.
✓ Handle exceptions in C#.


• Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition (Free download)

This course is for

• This course is for beginners who want to learn C# programming.
• Individuals with some coding experience who want to cement their knowledge of C# by using the basic concepts and theories of the C# coding language to create applications.
• Beginners who prefers to learn by “doing” rather than listening to lectures.
• Students who have tried learning C# on their own but are struggling with some of the concepts and theories.
Instructor and Online Entrepreneur
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 56m
Language: English
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