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Butterfly You: Self Transformation 2.0 – A Change Journey

Be a better you: shine your personal branding, strengthen relationship with others, enhance international skills
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Are you wondering what else to develop? Do you know how great you are doing now and any gaps for advancement?

People are social creatures that cannot survive without some sort of bonding with another; it is not only about what you think who you are, it is also about how other people perceive you.

In this course, you will experience how the O2O (online-to-offline) model makes this learning be practical and impactful to you. From learning to application online to reflection and action offline, you will be guided step-by-step to prepare and begin your transformation journey, ultimately make lasting changes and become a better version of you tomorrow.

We can’t fulfill all the expectations from oneself and other people, dive deep into your reflection to be an authentic you and balance the expectations from others to become who you want to be.

These are the key goals of your learning journey:
•Gain better understanding of yourself to reshape your behaviors to communicate and interact with others more effectively and efficiently
•Define who you want to be to shine your personal branding and being well perceived by others
•Manage the change journey as an on-going process to keep the momentum of transformation

I will facilitate and coach you throughout this course; you will explore from your values and beliefs, to discover gaps for advancement and manage the change process. To maximize your learning effectiveness, it is recommended to complete all the lectures, activities and assignments within 2 weeks to commit in your behavioral change.

During your transformation journey, you may experience couple of psychological changes. For example, be open and take the feedback from others, stay energize even it is not on track. Feel free to connect with me, I am here to support your journey.   

This is an activity and reflection based course, here are the key lessons:
•Discover your core value system, why they matter to you in defining who you are
•Manage our perception, how do you perceive yourself and value the feedback from how others perceive you
•Transform yourself, what is your development gap and put it all together in building a successful action plan

Message me if you have any further questions about this course. Let’s connect, share and develop together!

You will learn

✓ Master how you see who you really are and how others perceive you as a person
✓ Identity your development gap to enhance the interpersonal skills and shine your personal branding
✓ Re-shape your behaviors to interact and communicate with others effectively and efficiently
✓ Discover your core value system to better understand why they are matter to you and shape who you are
✓ Value the art of receiving feedback and manage the psychological change
✓ Build a SMART action plan and keep momentum during the change process


• There are no prerequisites for this course, it is open for everyone who is ready to embrace a change journey about oneself
• To maximum your learning effectiveness, you are expected to challenge yourself, open for feedback and commit for actions

This course is for

• You are targeted if you are looking for advancement to shine the personal branding, strengthen the relationship or enhance the interpersonal skills
Experienced Management Trainer, Registered Corporate Coach
Sandra Chan is a seasoned human resources professional with over 17 years of corporate training experience across banking, financial institution and manufacturing from fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. She has extensive experience in change management, leadership development, coaching, talent management, diversity and inclusion, culture and engagement, and instructional design.
Sandra is passionate in training and management consultancy with extensive international exposure in North America, Europe, India, Asia and Australia. She is a Registered Corporate Coach and  NLP practitioner, she also has MBTI, DISC and Global Leadership Assessment 360 certification.
The top 5 strengths of Sandra are Relator, Strategic, Learner, Ideation and Restorative. She loves to learn, explore something new and challenge herself; she travelled over 40 countries in 5 continents to learn their culture and history. She is also a scuba diver and a figure ice-skater.
Right now, Sandra would like to share her experience, knowledge, skills and lessons learned to inspire others. The modern learning is: we learn, we share and we develop together. Every lesson is a good lesson to learn.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 21m
Language: English
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