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Business of Solar for Students and Professionals

Cost Per watt? kWh/kWp? Solar Irradiance? Power-Purchase Agreement? Want to learn what these terms actually mean?
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Go ahead, book your next networking session, business meeting or interview with a professional in the energy or solar PV industry. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll have a complete understanding on the regulatory, business, and technical aspects of a solar array development. You’ll be able to understand the key terminology that’s used across the industry and you’ll be able to utilize your experience to push the solar industry forward. 
The solar and renewable industry is growing rapidly – the United Stated is going to likely Double the total number of installation from the year before and solar PV is being deployed globally as the preferred choice of electricity. You may have noticed through increased job posts or just by driving through your community and seeing the number of installations.  Now if you’re a professional either marketer, accountant, business development guru or project manager this is a great time for you to join our industry and for you to utilize your existing knowledge and experience to propel our industry forward.
This course was built for everyone, new graduates across the arts & sciences, mid-career professionals, and executives, who are  looking to take charge of their career and grow their knowledge base. You could be working with a solar developer, launching a solar project for your business and want to understand that you have all the right information, or you could be be working at or looking for work at a solar developer and want to make sure you interview strong. 
Within the course you’ll learn about the different components of a solar installation, and how to identify them. You’ll learn how to calculate the total cost of a system and compare that to the total revenue generated by a system. In addition, you’ll also get a brief introduction into what concepts are utilized to produce a safe and high quality system. Finally, we will then then apply these learnings to different business models commonly used in the industry so that you have a holistic view of how a solar installation is developed. You’ll then be able to use this knowledge to either gain a job in our industry or to excel at your existing one! 
The course is broken down into four main sections:
•How Solar Array’s generate electricity and fit within our Energy infrastructure. •The Renewable Energy Business Landscape•Developing and Operating a Solar Array•The Business of Solar: Bringing it all TogetherCheck out the Free Introduction Video’s of each section to get an understanding of the specific information you’ll learn in each section. 
Within each section you are provided course notes, along with some reading material and quizzes to ensure. 

You will learn

✓ Understand the energy infrastructure around you (i.e. electricity grid, types of fuels used to generate electricity, etc)
✓ The major components of a solar array, and the process to build a solar array.
✓ Key Terms utilized within the solar industry: NTP, CIA, $/Watt, System Production, etc.
✓ Different core industries within the solar PV industry.
✓ Different types of solar array’s and different business model’s utilized in the solar industry.
✓ Build a renewable energy financial model.
✓ Comprehensive understanding of the business of solar: engineering, finance, and regulatory.


• You should be able to use a PC.
• Have an understanding of what a solar PV array does. i.e. generate electricity.
• Desire to make the world a better place.

This course is for

• Anyone interviewing for a renewable energy job.
• Anyone who has just started a renewable energy job.
• Anyone who is thinking about deploying solar for their organization.
• New Graduate from university.
• Anyone who wants to excel at a career in renewable energy.
• Anyone looking for a job in a rapidly growing industry.
Renewable Energy Developer and Solar Educator
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 21m
Language: English
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