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Business English: Real Estate Terms for ESL / ENL Learners

ESL or ENL students, young adults, and those who wish to learn the 'language' of Real Estate.
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The importance of clear and professional communication cannot be understated. The way to break into a field, any field, is to be able to communicate well. Schools are struggling to produce students who have not only good interpersonal skills, but also polished language ability. If you want to separate yourself from everyone else, learning the specific vocabulary, or jargon, of a specialized field like Real Estate is necessary. Put in the work. Train yourself to speak clearly and know what you’re talking about. This is geared toward the Advanced ESL or ENL learner who wants to hear the pronunciations of the terms and their meanings. It is the perfect ramp onto the road to success, at the right price.
What is here is a little over an hour of some of the standard and common words and definitions, as well as the pronunciations of terms you must know to get started.  Because Real Estate is one of the fields that never goes out of style, being able to understand the basics can fast track your start in the field.  There is no better feeling than getting going in Real Estate with the confidence and knowledge that you know what you’re talking about, and your customers will recognize and appreciate that.

You will learn

✓ Familiarity with the jargon and vocabulary of the Real Estate business in English.
✓ Basic steps in the buying and selling of Real Estate.
✓ The common terms pronounced and spoken at the English Expert level.
✓ How to be confident and comfortable with the usage of terms, as well as the business meaning of the vocabulary within the industry.
✓ How to use the proper terms at the right time during the pricess.


• Be able to communicate at an advanced ESL or ENL language learner
• Be interested in getting into the business of Real Estate

This course is for

• Advanced ESL and ENL students who need a tutorial in this area.
• High School students who are thinking about getting a Real Estate broker license.
• Immigrants to the United States who have English skill but need to learn the Language of Real Estate.
• Non-native speakers who want a fast track for the vocabulary you must know for getting into the lucrative Real Estate Business.
College Readiness / Exam Tutor / Educational Travel
For the past 25 years, I have been working with high school students in the rough neighborhood.  I found out the hard way how to prepare students not just for their studies in English class, but also for all of the exams they have to deal with on the way.  Here I am sharing all the things I’ve learned on the Instructor side of things.  The methods, knowledge and techniques that have worked – some of them in trying circumstances, are here for you.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 12m
Language: English
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