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Building a Car Racing Game in Unity using C#

Use Unity and C# to build a Car Racing Game featuring 3D cars, immersive levels, realistic car physics logic, and more!
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This course will walk you through building an entire video game hands-on, and will take you step-by-step through the game development process.
Did you grow up playing car racing games like Need For Speed and Gran Turismo? Do you want to learn how to build car racing games in Unity using C# code? Growing up, racing games always fascinated me. I was intrigued by how the in-game physics was so realistic and how they simulated driving in the game so accurately. Now, I make games professionally for a living and have a deep understanding of what goes into making all types of games, including car racing games.
This course is meant to teach you how to build a full racing game in Unity, even if you are a beginner or have never used Unity before. By the end of this course, you will have a full car racing game and you built in Unity from the ground up. We will add 5 playable cars to the game, each of which will have their own visuals, speed, acceleration, and handling.
As we build this course, you are going to gain a wealth of knowledge in the different areas of the Unity game engine. Some of the core game development techniques this course will teach you are:
•Working with Unity’s Physics system and understanding how to use components like Wheel Colliders and Rigidbodies to simulate vehicle movement and interaction with the environment.
•Using C# logic to get enemy AI cars driving around the track and competing against the player in races.
•Utilizing Unity’s AI system to build mini-maps and other racing heads up displays such as MPH and car stats.
•Writing reusable code that can be applied to several different sections of the game. Object-oriented C# scripting techniques for writing clean, reusable code.
•Assemble AAA quality racing environments hands-on as we build levels using Unity game assets.
•Learn about the different UI components and how they can be used together to build in-game menus and selection screens that efficiently and intuitively respond to user input.
•Turn your ideas into code using C# with Unity and build up a set of skills that you can use to build other car racing games and showcase them in your portfolio.
By the end of this course, you will have a full game project you developed from the ground up! You will also have some more C# tips and tricks that you can add to your arsenal. If you want to learn game development or are aspiring to build a career in the game industry, then this course is for you!

You will learn

✓ Build a full car racing game using C# and the Unity Game Engine
✓ Learn advanced Unity physics techniques, specifically how to simulate driving, handling, and crashing cars realistically in a game
✓ Understand how to code enemy AI that race the player
✓ Create stunning UI displays including a mini-map, speed tracker, and car stats heads up display
✓ Design levels and tracks hands-on to assemble stunning, AAA quality game environments
✓ Work on game polish as we perfect driving mechanics, real time lighting, and controls
✓ Take your game development and C# skills to the next level using professional Object-Oriented game programming techniques
✓ Learn techniques that you can use to create a professional quality game development portfolio piece


• Basic Unity and C# knowledge is a plus, but not required
• A Windows computer, Linux machine, or a Mac (all software in the course is free and installation is explained step-by-step)
• Excitement and enthusiasm about game development

This course is for

• Anyone excited about building a Need For Speed style car racing game
• Anyone that wants to improve their Unity and C# skills
• Beginners that want to build a full game step-by-step and have something cool that they can play and learn from
Solutions Architect | C# | Python | Java | Kotlin | Unity
My name is Rob and I currently work as a Solutions Architect. I’ve also worked as a Mobile App Developer using Unity and the C# programming language to create engaging mobile apps. The latest apps that I have worked on include the Marvel Collect, Disney, and Star Wars Card Trader apps by the Topps company. Prior to this I worked on a Scratch to Win mobile app for both Android and iOS with over 10 million installs.
I have also worked as an cross platform mobile app developer using Unity (C#- iOS) and Android Studio (Java – Android), a Virtual Reality Game Developer, and teacher’s assistant at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for classes in Python, JavaScript, C# and 3D Modeling. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from NJIT.
As a student who never programmed until I got to college I want to help others looking to enter the tech industry and teach them the techniques I used to learn programming quickly and effectively.
My teaching focuses on conveying the most relevant skills that you can use to build your portfolio and get real, hands-on technical experience geared towards landing you your dream tech industry job.
I am an industry professional who also has teaching experience and a passion for learning and teaching about the latest programming languages and technologies.
The topics I enjoy teaching and am very knowledgeable about include: Mobile App Development, Computer Programming, Information Technology, Game Development, and Web Development.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 18m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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