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Build Your Future: Smart Tips for Investors of All Levels

How any novice or intermediate investor can start investing successfully!
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          The $50 Wealth-Builder gives you what you need to know to start investing with as little as $50 to get rich slowly! Learn how to invest starting with small amounts in investments such as bonds, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate and precious metals. 
     I first did this seminar in 1983….still going strong after 35+ years! The information is extensive and is continuously updated for today’s financial markets and economic conditions. 
          Among what will be covered is … 
          * The 5 things you must do before you invest your first dollar 
          * Mini-crash course for retirement (reaching financial independence!) 
          * How to start on the path toward your first $1 million (the 4 ways to start). 
          * How to start investing in bonds with as little as $25 
          * How to choose stocks for your investing approach 
      * How to buy stocks starting with $50 (or less!) 
          * Understanding exchange traded funds (ETFs) and why they can be great for most investors 
          * Mutual Funds; How to choose them. The 6 steps to choosing the right one for you 
          * The 9 basic categories of mutual funds and which will meet your needs 
          * Which types of investments are good (or bad) for today’s economy 
          * How to easily buy income-producing real estate starting with under $100 
      * How to get 18% interest…guaranteed with this real estate-related investment. 
          * Buying precious metals as a diversification from paper assets 
          Included will also be resources to help you you every step of the way. 
      Although there is over 8 hours of content, you don’t need to view or listen to all of it. All the video content comes bite-sized! Most videos are in the 5-9 minute range so you can view as much or as little as you need to (or want to). 
      The audio portion of the program (3 hours in MP3 format) can be downloaded to listen through your favorite electronic device. 
      The bottom line is that if you want to learn about investing in a personal style, easy to view or listen to…either as a novice or intermediate, this program is for you! 
    The seminar leader, Paul Mladjenovic, has been a CFP since 1985 and he has authored books such as Stock Investing For Dummies and has been teaching about investing and business start-up issues since 1983. His website is RavingCapitalist-com. 
    …you can’t beat the value. You get extensive information and guidance that normally sells for hundreds (or even thousands!) in other venues…but you can full access for a very low price…start learning about investing and wealth-building today! 

You will learn

✓ you will be able to start investing confidently in stocks,bonds and other investments with little capital


• Just a desire to prosper regardless of how much money you have!

This course is for

• beginners and intermediate investors
Author & Speaker
           Paul is an author, former CFP and national seminar leader. He is the author of… 
            * High-Level Investing For Dummies
       * Stock Investing For Dummies
            * Investing in Gold and Silver For Dummies 
      * Zero-Cost Marketing 
      * Micro-Entrepreneurship For Dummies 
      * Precious Metals Investing For Dummies
      * The Job Hunter’s Encyclopedia 
           * Affiliate Marketing For Dummies (co-author)

He has been teaching nationally about investing, tax and business start-up issues since 1983…over 2,500 seminars and workshops!
He calls himself a “raving capitalist” because he believes that everyone should adopt the 2-pronged approach to wealth-building and personal prosperity. The first prong is “passive wealth-building” which is to deploy investing and speculative strategies through stocks, ETFs, options and other vehicles.
The 2nd prong is “active wealth-building”…have a home business (part-time or full-time” to enact business strategies to build wealth in your spare time. A home business is a great way to be diversified (apart from your job) and it has powerful benefits (build wealth, save on taxes, etc).
Having this holistic approach means optimizing your prosperity and building long-term financial security for you and your loved ones!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 15m
Language: English
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