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Build an Engaged Community / Facebook Group for Your Brand

Create an Engaged and Sustainable Online Community such as a Facebook Group to Better Serve Your Customers and Followers
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Do you want to learn how to easily create an engaged and self-sustainable online community?
This crash course will teach you how to create your own online community to better serve your audience and stand out from the crowd.
Learn what an online community is, why it can be so beneficial for you or your brand, and the steps and tools to actually creating your community.
Beyond simply creating a community, such as a Facebook Group, you’ll learn best practices for making it easy to manage and more likely to be successful.
More skills you will learn:
•Learn the best platforms and tools – all free to use – for creating an online community
•Learn what types of posts to create the most engagement
•Learn other techniques to improve the engagement of your posts
•Learn tools for creating high quality graphics, scheduling content, automating posts, and making publishing content even easier
•Learn how to use analytics to improve and grow your community
What do you get with this course?
•Easy-to-watch video lessons
•Downloadable Community Building workbook
•Practical tips and techniques
•Instructor support if you have any questions
•Community of students ready to help
Why take this course from us?
Over the past 10 years, I have experience creating successful online communities that range from 5-person masterminds to 70,000+ Facebook Groups. I’m excited to share all of my knowledge and experience creating and managing these groups and communities. You’ll learn real world and practical tips and techniques that actually work in making a highly engaged community.
More importantly, I want to show you how to make your community self-sustainable, meaning it will run on its own as community members become content creators, question responders, moderators and beyond. I want this to be easy for you, and not an extra burden.
Our happiness guarantee
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You will learn

✓ You will learn what is an online community
✓ You will learn why an online community is so important for you and your business or brand
✓ You will learn the best tools and apps for creating an online community
✓ You will learn how to make your community more engaged
✓ You will learn what types of posts do best in an online community
✓ You will learn how to make your community self-sustainable
✓ You will learn how to simplify and automate posts to your online community


• You do not need to have any existing business, brand or group that you wan to create an online community for
• You will learn how to use free applications, tools and websites to create a great online community

This course is for

• Anyone with an existing business or brand that wants to create an online community
• Anyone with an existing audience on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc, that wants to create a community for their followers
• Anyone wanting to build an online community completely from scratch, without any prior experience or audience
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Today, I create all kinds of things from photographs that can be seen on my Instagram to homemade sourdough bread that feeds my family. Who knows where life will take me. But I know wherever I am, I’ll be creating.
Since 2012, I’ve been creating online courses that over two million students from around the world have taken. Course topics include everything from photography and video to design and business courses. If I can’t teach it , I collaborate with other experts who share their skills with absolute beginners.
I can’t wait to see you in class!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 41m
Language: English
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