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Breathe to Heal – A Course on Resonant Frequency Breathing

Easy breath work exercise clinically shown to heal anxiety, depression, and boost health. Science meets pranayama.
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Resonant Frequency Breathing or ‘Coherent Breathing’, is a simple yet powerful system of breathwork with powerful benefits for your health and wellbeing. When you apply your breath in a certain frequency, you can entrain the blood pressure, heart rate variability, and brain waves to synchronize and flow together in a smooth, pleasant, and highly beneficial pattern.
There have been hundreds of scientific studies on Resonant Frequencies showing how in just minutes a day, this breath practice:
•Lowers high blood pressure
•Turns on the healing side of your nervous system
•Reduces chronic inflammation
•Increases oxygen transfer and energy
•Heals anxiety and depression
•Significantly improves sleep
•Balances mind and emotions
•Restores wellbeing and a sense of peace
This course gives you both a praxis which blends yoga and meditation technique with highly motivating, knowledge of the latest scientific research.

A daily practice that feels amazing (and anyone can do)
Laying down or sitting anywhere you happen to be- even on your daily commute – you stick in your headphones, press play, close your eyes and simply breathe with a relaxing audio guide using the sounds of bells to pace your breathing. As you practice, you get better at relaxing 6 key areas in your body as you exhale, thus deepening the benefits. After only a few minutes, you will drift into an awake, clear state of consciousness, and start to feel the pulsations of blood and the movements of your heart. Many people can identify when the nervous system switches on its healing function.

Resonant Frequency Breathing is about learning to breathe at a frequency which is in resonance with the heart, brain, and blood pressure. This specific rhythm synchronizes several systems of the body together, to flow together. The benefits of this practice are astonishing and far-reaching. Not only does this method of breathing take you into a blissful meditation, it is scientifically backed with real research that shows how deeply it benefits the mind and body.
My name is Adrian Cox- I am the founder of two schools of yoga and have spent half of my life in deep study, practice, and teaching thousands of people the arts and science of body and mind. Out of the hundreds of techniques I know, this one is very powerful and useful. I love Resonant Frequency Breathing because I not only feel it working, I see the data.

Who is this course for?
You might be someone who:

•has heard about breathing practices and want a place to start
•want a holistic way to lower high blood pressure and improve your health
•teaches yoga or other mind-body practices and want to level up your skill and knowledge
•A practitioner who wants to add a highly effective method of breathing which is evidence-based.

Share with others
As you go through this course you will undoubtedly think of a person in your life who can benefit from Resonant Frequency Breathing. Perhaps this person is suffering from high stress, high anxiety or one of the health conditions such as high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or others. After completing this course you will have the knowledge you need to share this practice as well as an audio guide you can put on your phone to use as you teach and inspire him or her to add this beautiful, simple practice into their life.

====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

At the core of this course is a practice of breathing that has a ton of clinical research on it. You will learn the results of these studies, summarized in a way that is motivating and easy to understand. I bring in yogic understandings of body and mind, techniques, and practices that amplify the effects of Resonant Frequency Breathing in a measurable way- practices which I have discovered over the past 25 years and not put together in any one place as they are here in this course.  Because this knowledge is so useful for people’s health and wellbeing, it is meant to be shared. Whether you are totally new to conscious breathing and body-mind practices or a life-long experienced practitioner like me, you will get value from this beautiful practice. Resonant Frequency Breathing will dovetail into existing practices of coaching, therapy, yoga, reiki practitioners, meditation, sports, and more.

As you progress through the six modules of this course, you will learn the science of Resonant Frequency and how it improves health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you will gain knowledge, deepen your self-awareness, and be able to share this powerful technique with others. Included in this course are several practice gems that are part of the go-to techniques I use to help people heal and open their breathing power: 

•Ocean Breathing for Diaphragm Strength
•Pear-Cone-Wave Breathing for Optimal Breathing
•Six Bridges Technique for Relaxation Mastery
•The Salamander Technique for Instant Relaxation Response

At each stage of the program, there will be a practice session that incorporates these practices step by step. By the end of this course, you will have an advanced breathing practice and a new relationship with your body and mind. You will learn how to talk directly to your nervous system and have it respond as you breathe.

======COURSE CONTENT======
What the Resonant Frequency is
The Four Effects of RFB
Resonant Frequencies
Resonance and Oscillation
Breathing Practice #1

Stress and the Nervous System
The Autonomic Nervous System
The Fight-Flight Response
Mind and the Stress Response
Stress and Chronic Inflammation
The Pear-Cone-Wave Technique
Ocean Breathing Technique
​Breathing Practice #2

The Vagus Nerve and the Relaxation Response
The Vagus Nerve
Vagal Tone
The Six Bridges Technique
Bonus Video: Vagal Nerve Release Technique
​Breathing Practice #3

Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure
What Heart Rate Variability is
Low and High Heart Rate Variability
Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
Resonant Frequency and HRV
​Breathing Practice #4

Expanding Your Practice
Tracking Your Results
Establishing an ongoing practice

Once you’ve completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures, and practiced when prompted, you’ll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF) and be able to share what you have learned with others.
Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you’ll have lifetime access to it! Enjoy this journey!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Access


•”I, {Mick) have been fortunate enough in my time with yoga to take some amazing workshops, retreats, and training with many teachers. This guy Adrian Cox is amongst the very best. I have thought a lot about what he does that is different. He manages to take these teachings to another level. Not many teachers can give us practical experiences of the mind and how we view the world as a result of our projections and mind stuff. His creativity in creating these experiences through individual and partner exercises is profound.”
– Mick Barnes, Owner Yoga Factory Sydney

•”Your studio is incredible. I’ve been practicing for about six years now and, because I travel a lot, have tried a lot of studios. I can honestly say that yours is one of the best – if not the best – I’ve come across. The standard of teaching is way out of this world. You really helped me to connect with my body in a way I didn’t think was possible. A couple of years ago I gave up on my yoga teacher training because I just “wasn’t getting it”. Thank you for giving me hope that one day I may be able to pick it up again! Thank you so much again! Love and light, Lucy”

•”It feels like I am 20cm taller and exploring the world TOTALLY new. I feel like I’ve awoken to a better reality, everything seems much more colorful and beautiful. You hit that nail on the head because I feel like I woke up after a long long long sleep with a bad dream. And for me, this is something that money not can buy. I am really really grateful for that present- I can’t put into words how much I have been able to put so much behind me. I can cry I am so happy at this moment! All the thank you’s in the world!” -Klaus Kreft

You will learn

✓ A powerful breath technique called Resonant Frequency Breathing to heal depression and lower anxiety.
✓ How to breathe at this frequency to lower high blood pressure, improve the heart function and improve health
✓ Improve your breathing with the Pear-Cone-Wave technique
✓ Master the skill of instant relaxation and control over your state with The Six Bridges
✓ Instantly trigger the relaxation response with the Salamander Technique
✓ Gain knowledge and skills to add Resonant Frequency Breathing to your existing practice and business


• Commit to a 20 minute breathing practice once a day for the next 2 weeks

This course is for

• You wish to heal depression and soothe anxiety and stress
• You want to lower high blood pressure, increase energy and improve heart function
• You want to understand yourself, your body more and improve your health and sense of wellbeing
• Breathworkers, coaches therapists and yoga teachers who want career development
• Anyone new to conscious breathing or body-mind practices and wants an accessible place to start
BreathYoga + BreathWork
Adrian has been teaching yoga, breathwork, and meditation throughout the world for over 22 years and is the founder of two schools of yoga, Yoga Elements school of yoga in Thailand, and BreathYoga. During its 18 years of operation, Yoga Elements came to be known as one of the world’s best, described as “Easily Bangkok’s best studio” by Travel and Leisure (25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World) and as “Bangkok’s most inspiring place to study yoga” by Bangkok Post (reader choice awards).
BreathYoga is Adrian’s own approach to yoga and breathwork designed to liberate breath and life force energy using alignment-based yoga and breathwork techniques.
He has taught thousands of people to teach and practice yoga, worldwide, and has been featured at the Yoga Journal conferences in Moscow and Bangkok in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Adrian has a certificate in Breathing Behavioral Analysis under Dr. Peter Litchfield and the Professional School, a certified Rebirthing Breathwork teacher with GRIT Breathwork, a 500 E-RYT certified yoga teacher trainer as well a certified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with NLP co-founder John Grinder (ITNLP), as well as additional certifications with Christina Hall (Society of NLP), John Overdurf (HNLP) and Stephen Gilligan.
He is a passionate teacher, and a master at guiding people towards the rich inner resources of one’s own mind, body, and spirit!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 29m
Language: English
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