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Bootcamp for the Scammed: How to Detect an Online Scam

Putting Simple Clues Together to Find the Double-Dealing of a Site
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Have you ever been scammed? Ripped off? Lied to? Did you purchase something online, and it never showed up? Or did you spend all your money on that one thing that was supposed to help, but it turned out to be a scam?
Maybe it was supposed to be a gift for your family. Maybe it was going to be a labor saving device for you. Maybe it was going to solve all of life’s problems.
Whatever it was, it is now no where to be found, and you’re not sure why.
‘What did I do wrong?’
‘I thought I was buying from a legit company.’
‘How did I fall for this?’
‘I learned about this from a reliable place.’
‘Is everything out there a scam?’
We know what it’s like to get scammed, and feel the remorse and shame of falling for something. The thoughts of ‘I should have known better’  seemed to be constantly on our minds. Because of this, we decided to learn all we could about how a scam comes about, and the essential parts of a good deceptive scheme.
This course is the culmination of all that knowledge. The more we dug around and the more we looked into scams, the more we found patterns and clues that would easily point out whether a site was running a scam or not.
Not only that, but we also found that all these clues are so simple that even a child would be able to figure it out, if they had the right knowledge. Which is why we created this course.
In the course we delve through easy-to-understand processes that will help you decide just how trustworthy a site really is. You’ll learn step-by-step instructions for gathering information and making a well-informed judgement on something online.
Topics that we cover include:
•Checking For Malware (to make sure nothing bad is coming with the site you’re looking at)
•Checking the Registration of a Site (to see just how old a site really is)
•Checking for Past Snapshots of a Website (to find whether the site has been operating the same program over the years).
•Website Errors and Issues (understanding just what to look for when surfing on a website you want to purchase from)
•Analyzing Social Media Accounts (to check the site’s social authority and whether they’re on it frequently)
•Confirming a Website’s Email Address (to see if a site’s used it before, and if it connects them with other fraudulent websites)
And through-out this course, if you are ever not sure what something is or isn’t, we’ll be right there, lending our knowledge to you wherever and whenever we can.

You will learn

✓ Tips and tricks to stay safe while shopping
✓ See exact techniques that scammers frequently use
✓ Understand how to see a site without even going to it
✓ Safety precautions while surfing the web


• A basic understanding of moving around a computer and a browser

This course is for

• Website Users
• Online Shoppers
• Those Who Have Been Scammed
• Those Interested In Learning About How Scammers Scam People
• Anyone With The Desire To Learn How To Detect An Online Scam
Online Scam Adviser
Hey all, I’m Andy, the one presenting this course to you. And I’m here to help you out!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 49m
Language: English
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