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Blues Rock Masters Inspired Series-Modern & Classic Volume 2

Learn guitar in the style of Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Dan Auerbach. In depth player study & analysis
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This is Volume 2 of 4 in our “Blues Rock Masters Series – Modern & Classic”. This is in depth study & analysis of the playing styles of the greatest blues and blues rock guitarists of all time. Learn the techniques, tone, devices, scales, and styles of THE most epic guitar players of all time. Here in Volume 2 you will learn the styles of Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Dan Auerbach.
As guitar players we all have our influences or players that inspire us. Players that when we hear them play its just pure magic to our ears. They inspire us to pick up our guitars and play, and they inspire us to create. And we all pull from our influences and add them into our own playing style. We then put our own spin on what we learn and develop our own style. So as guitarists we are all made up of combinations of our influences. We are all truly amalgamates of our influences. And with this course you can pull from the best players ever! 
Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, following these lesson will bring your blues and rock playing to the next level – guaranteed! Players of all levels will be inspired by these lessons and you will be able to quickly add these techniques and devices to your own style.
You will learn all about the gear, tones, licks, scales, devices, and playing styles and techniques of these four monster players. We also discuss their trademark tones and teach you how to get in the ballpark of their tones by using simple equipment, amps, and effects, that you probably already have at home. 
Then we teach you how to apply the techniques you are learning by playing over the included jam tracks. You get the same jam tracks that are utilized in the lessons, plus we throw in extra jam tracks in different keys and tempos so you have even more practice and application content. So you have the tools to practice and hone your playing skills to a sharp edge.
The lessons in this course and taught by Next Level Guitar instructor Ben Zinn. This course contains 13 video lessons totaling almost three hours of video lessons, 30 jam tracks, and a coinciding 103-page detailed eBook. The eBook contains pages of written lessons, chord diagrams, jam track lessons, scale diagrams, music theory lessons, and much more. Its a great reference tool that you will find yourself utilizing throughout your guitar journey.
And learning is easy with our on-screen tablature. So you see all the licks and chords tabbed out on the screen. This makes it very easy to follow along. All rhythm and lead riffs and licks are broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. So you don’t have to keep hitting the rewind and pause buttons. Plus we break each section into digestible parts and we get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner.
And to make watching and learning as easy as possible, these video lessons also incorporate multiple camera angles, chord tabs, and close ups of the neck, fret and pick hands, so you see all the action up close and personal.
In the Billy Gibbons lessons you will learn:
-All about gear and tone so you can get in the wheelhouse of his sound  

-Ripping Texas blues in the Gibbons style
-How to jam in triplets over shuffle grooves    
-Lots of pattern exercises and triplet runs
-How to create rhythmic tension                                   

-How to move licks all around the neck       
-Repeated lick ideas and bluesy string bending in this style             

-Killer artificial harmonics techniques
-How to combine bluesy techniques together and lots of lick ideas over I-IV-V blues jams
-Double stops, pedal toggle licks, open string licks, blues devices, string bending, and much more!

In the Carlos Santana lessons you will learn:
-All about gear and tone so you can get in the wheelhouse of his sound                           

-Lots of moveable scale positions in this style
-To play in that smooth singing style with lots of melodic lick ideas                                      
-All about legato and trill licks as well as double pull off licks
-Some fun melodic minor scale licks and ideas                                   
-To create variety with techniques in this style
-How to target notes and chord tones for making BIG solo statements           
-To milk maximum mileage out of every lick
-To climb the neck to open up phrasing options as well as easy sliding in and out of positions
-To craft a melody within a solo and to analyze chords and progressions to determine soloing avenues  

-Slurring, string bending, hammer licks, repeated lick ideas, playing over changes and much more!

In the Robert Cray lessons you will learn:
-All about gear and tone so you can get in the wheelhouse of his sound  

-His signature rhythm and chordal approach and to add chordal movements
-Lots of new chord voicings and chord embellishments,
-How to add drama to your soloing                   
-All about tremolo picking in this style
-How to add variation to lick ideas, how to turn one lick into ten licks
-How to combine scale patterns and shift in and out of position with ease
-How to build chords from scales and navigate through a blues progression 
-All about vibrato, string bending, slides, phrasing options, string raking, bursts of notes, and much more!

In the Dan Auerbach lessons you will learn:  
-All about gear and tone so you can get in the wheelhouse of his sound.   
-How to get unique sounds
-How to work the tremolo bar as well as how to use drone strings
-All about double stops and double stop licks         
-All about hybrid picking style and licks as well as pedal licks and techniques
-To add thumping bass notes in this style 
-Creative techniques of filling up space as well as unison bends and unison bend licks
-How to play scales horizontally across the neck and how to play rhythm and lead at the same time
-Rhythm concepts and riff building, creative chord voicings, more rhythms, and much more!

You will learn

✓ Play guitar in the style of Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, and Dan Auerbach
✓ Have more lead guitar confidence and more soloing avenues when soloing and jamming
✓ Play over the included 30 jam tracks – plus course comes with 2.5 hours of video lessons and detailed 103 page eBook
✓ Increased abilities to nail these four epic player’s techniques that make their style so amazing
✓ Have an overall increased knowledge base and abilities playing blues rock guitar


• Beginner knowledge of lead guitar
• Ability to use a PC at a basic level

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn blues rock guitar in the styles of Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, and Dan Auerbach
• Anyone who wants to learn more about lead guitar, soloing stratgedies, devices, licks, & techniques
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 32m
Language: English
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