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Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project

Make a full-time living or much more. In depth step-by-step blogging blueprint. Evergreen, beginner friendly, and fun!
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Are you ready to build a blog that can generate sales 24/7 on autopilot?  Is your dream to have complete freedom to work when you want and from where you want?
Follow along with me as we build a professional-looking blog from scratch,  attract masses of traffic using nothing but free methods, and turn it into a fun and profitable online venture. The training starts out assuming that you have no prior knowledge but becomes more advanced as you progress through the course.
Updated January 2022
Learn from an instructor with 20 years of experience in building blogs & websites and extensive online marketing experience. By the end of this course, you will have a fully-fledged online business even if you don’t yet know what to blog about! You will also know more than 99% of bloggers or ‘would be’ bloggers on the Internet.
Let’s take a look at the top 6 reasons why everyone who strives to earn a living online should have a blog:

•Blogging is an ideal way to get free traffic from Google and other search engines.
•Blogging can be used to market almost anything from affiliate products, e-commerce, Amazon listings, and more.
•User-friendly technology available today makes blogging simple, even for non-techies!
•We can use blogging to turn our interests into profit. Almost any subject is suitable for monetization.
•It’s virtually free! You can build and run a successful blog for less than $5 per month.
•A blog is an asset that can potentially be sold in the future.
Imagine that your work is also something you enjoy doing. Most people only ever dream about earning a living from doing something they love. But, some are using blogging to realize that dream, so why not you?  

Aside from the potential of earning an ongoing income, a blog is an asset.  Blogs can sell for four, five, or even six figures.
No knowledge or experience is required. You’ll be following me, click-by-click, step-by-step, as you create a blog the right way. You’ll monetize it, promote it using free methods, and finally, build a list of email subscribers –  so that you can double (or more) your income for the same amount of effort.
You’ll need to budget for around $5 per month.
Throughout the course, I demonstrate every step in detail with ‘over the shoulder’ lectures. You’ll learn how to create posts, and which types of posts work best. You’ll learn where and how to get content and ideas for your posts. And how to optimize for the search engines – the simple way – and much, much more.

You will learn

✓ Create a fully-fledged blog from scratch on any subject
✓ Set up and Run Your Blog for Under $5 per Month
✓ Know where and how to get great content and content idea for your blog posts
✓ Create blog posts using best practices and know which types of posts work the best
✓ Send high quality visitors to your blog from multiple free sources
✓ Monetize your blog with high commission digital products
✓ Monetize your blog with high converting tangible products
✓ Monetize your blog with the Amazon Associate program
✓ Set up accounts with the best affiliate networks
✓ Build a list of quality email subscribers from your blog or website
✓ Monetize your list using passive and/or active strategies
✓ Use multiple list building strategies to get 50+ new subscribers a day


• No knowledge of blogging or online business is required
• A text editor such as Notepad is required

This course is for

• This course will suit students who want to make a living, or more, from blogging
• This course will suit students with no prior experience of blogging or students who want to improve an existing blog
Amazon Seller, Blogger, & Online Marketer
My name’s Theo McArthur, and I’ve been working online since 1995. I left my job and went full-time online in 2001. Teaching here on Udemy is probably the most satisfying thing I do. Being able to help others to learn life-changing techniques and business models.
Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve created and marketed many digital e-learning products and have also worked extensively in blogging and affiliate marketing.
I have always preferred to have multiple business interests, so I started selling on Amazon in the spring of 2013.  Previous to that, I had never sold any physical products online. Today I also run my own independent e-commerce websites.
I’m still an affiliate marketer. However, I always wanted to sell my own products too, and Amazon was the obvious place to get started.
Starting on Amazon without the guidance of an experienced seller can be tough, and the courses I took myself were not complete and were missing certain vital parts of the ‘puzzle.’ I learned more through trial and error than anything else, and that’s what prompted me to create a step-by-step blueprint to success on Amazon.
A year after starting on Amazon, I set up my independent e-commerce store to build an asset that was my own and could potentially be sold in the future.
Sometimes I get asked how I manage to get so much done. It’s simply a case of organization and prioritizing (is that a word? Anyway, I’m sure you know what I mean!).
Obviously, I don’t do it all myself, and I now have full-time and part-time assistants. However, when I first started, I had nobody. Just myself and a young family to look after at the same time.
If you want something badly enough and are motivated enough, you will find a way to make it happen!

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 12h 5m
Language: English
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