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Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem

Your Guide To Understanding The Blockchain Ecosystem And The Technology That Surrounds At More Than Just Surface Level.
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Have you been hearing about the Blockchain recently?
Are you struggling to understand how the Blockchain works?
Maybe you’re unaware of how the Blockchain ecosystem operates?
Whatever your motivation to start on your journey with understanding Blockchain technology, and the ecosystem as whole, you’ve come to the right place to get started on it.
Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem, is the most comprehensive course on helping you to understand Blockchain technology and the ecosystem as a whole anywhere on the web.
It’s the one place with everything you need to get started with understanding Blockchain technology and the ecosystem that surrounds it through the path of least resistance, and become a skilled individual on the topic of understanding this rising technology.
This is an effective and “to the point” course breaking down complex topics, hence taking you from zero knowledge on the Blockchain ecosystem, to becoming an individual who is able to fully understand how the Blockchain works, as well as all that surrounds it.
While there are plenty of Blockchain guides scattered around the web, it’s hard to find a focused Blockchain video course like this one that is updated regularly, and on top of that is instructed by an instructor who has a great understanding of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain.
Nothing is kept a secret. I take you through step by step on understanding how the Blockchain technology, and entire ecosystem works. On top of that you’ll have access to me on-demand through the course discussion board should you wish to gain clarification on any issues.
This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand how Blockchain technology works, as well as the ecosystem as whole i.e. Smart Contracts etc. So if you’ve heard of the term “Blockchain”, but still fail to understand how it all works, you’re in the right place to understand it all.

You will learn

✓ You’ll Be An Individual Who Is Able To Fully Understand How The Blockchain Works, As Well As All That Surrounds It.
✓ You’ll Be Able To Fully Understand Blockchain Technology And The Ecosystem As A Whole.


• Targeted Towards Those Who Have Heard Of Terms Such As “Blockchain”, “Smart Contracts” etc, but want to take their knowledge further than just surface level.
• Previous Knowledge Of The Subject Matter Is Not Required, All Will Be Explained In Regards To The Blockchain And The Ecosystem That Surrounds It Within This Course.

This course is for

• Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Understand How Blockchain Technology Works, As Well As The Ecosystem As Whole i.e. Smart Contracts Etc.
• Blockchain Technology Can And Will Be Deployed Worldwide, So You Can Be From Any Country To Gain Maximum Value From This Course.
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I’m a wannabe renaissance man from England. Since leaving school at aged 16, I’ve experimented with many projects, some of which have been reasonably successful and reached over 100,000 people. That has granted me a level of financial independence.I’ve spent time in over thirty countries. Aged twenty-three, I moved to the smallest country in the European Union (Malta). Now, I spend most of my time in the biggest country in the European Union (France). And, I’m an e-Resident of Estonia.You won’t find me on many social platforms. I live my life through the lens of minimalism and slow living. That lets me spend more time reading and developing new skills, which allow me to form novel ideas and experiment with projects that pique my curiosity.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 2m
Language: English
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