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Blender for Unity Interior Only Modular Dungeon Level Design

Reusable grid-based dungeon modeling for modular level design. Learn Blender Editing for Unity 3D Video Game Developers
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Learn how to ‘stay on grid’ and build a set of modular rooms and halls that can be easily assembled into a wide range of dungeon configurations. The course focuses on a grid-based approach to constructing modular dungeons which would be useful for many things, including plugging your pieces into a random dungeon generator. (generator not included)

You’ll learn to create animated doors and the necessary scripts to allow a player to interact with them.   There are many tips for using box colliders, mesh colliders, rigid bodies, basic information for creating quick and easy UVs and Materials in Blender which are perfect for prototyping. How to import / export using FBX formatted files, set pivot points on models in Blender to be rotated properly in Unity and much more.
This course is intended for Beginners & Intermediates who have already learned the basics of how to use Blender. If you are brand new to Blender, I highly recommend taking my course which covers all of the basics of Blender before you start with this course.

You will learn

✓ How to design interior only 3D dungeons using modular room and hallway tiles.
✓ How to create quick and easy UVs and Materials for the purpose of prototyping
✓ How to create a fully interactive door from modeling to animation design to scripting
✓ How to setup lights and post processing in Unity 2018.2
✓ Learn the importance of staying on grid in both Blender and Unity
✓ Understand when and why to use mesh colliders
✓ How to randomize the placement of crates & barrels VIA script
✓ How to randomize the placement of beams, pipes, beams & pipes, or leaving a room empy


• Be able to navigate in Unity
• Be able to navigate in Blender
• Have a decent understanding of computing and game design practices.

This course is for

• Intermediate Blender and Unity game developers who are looking to extend their knowledge of these tools.
Indie Video Game Developer
I started on my creative journey over 35 years ago as a musician. Through the decades, I have picked up a wide variety of skills, with over 20 years as an accomplished website developer, programmer, graphics artist, photographer, journalist, published author, video game developer, 3D modeler and animator!
I have done lots of work for a wide variety of business over the years. In recent years, I have taken to Unity for game development with six games published on Steam so far.  I’m very excited to be a full time game developer, and equally pleased to pass down some of my knowledge to you!
My friends describe me as a highly driven individual with a wide range of skills, capable of doing anything. I describe myself as curious, intuitive and above all.. honest.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 42m
Language: English
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