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Blender 2.9 Grease Pencil First time Animation for Beginners

Get started with Blender, free and powerful software for creating 2D & 3D animation and drawing , illustration
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Platform: Udemy
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Table of contents


This course is an introductory course designed for those who are new to Blender and Grease Pencil,
or for those who have tried to learn it once but have fallen behind.

There are many free parts of the course, so you should take advantage of it.

You’ll learn by doing, so you’ll learn practical skills efficiently.

By the end of the course, you will have mastered the basics of Grease Pencil
and will be able to create the illustrations and animations you want to draw.

* This course is a translation of the Japanese course into English.
Don’t worry if you’ve never used Blender before,
as I’ll walk you through the installation process.

Here is the course content.

• What is Grease Pencil?
• List of what you’ll need
• how to install & set up
• How to Study Blender & Grease Pencil
• basic operation
•Two ways to apply the color ( Material & Vertex Color )
•Using images for coloring (material textures)
•How to add brushes
•How to make 2D animation
•How to Draw on 3D Objects
•Animation with rigging (basic)
•Animation with Rigging (Advanced)

You will learn

✓ Usage and basic operations
✓ Coloring (material and vertex color)
✓ Coloring (material texture)
✓ How to add a brush and examples of its use (background drawing)
✓ Hand-drawn 2D animation
✓ How to draw a picture on a 3D object
✓ Rigging and Animation


• Elementary computer operations

This course is for

• People who want to make illustrations and animations , drawings
• First-time users of Blender
• First-time users of Blender Grease Pencil
• People who are frustrated with learning Blender and Grease Pencil
• People who want to use free and high-performance animation software
Modeler / Video Creator
I learned Blender by myself.
Recently I’ve been focusing on Photo-realistic character modeling.
I used to use Blender to create illustrations and animations. I provide the skills I acquired in the process of creation on Udemy in as easy to understand a way as possible.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 55m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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