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Blazor WebAssembly Full Stack Bootcamp with .NET 5

Build an online browser game from scratch using Blazor WebAssembly, Web API, Entity Framework & SQL Server with .NET 5.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 17h 33m
Language: English
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Blazor WebAssembly is turning the web development world upside down.
With Blazor you can keep coding every part of your web application – meaning front end and back end – with the programming language and the framework you love – C# and .NET.
No need for JavaScript anymore and you can even use the same classes and methods you write for the server as well as for the client.
We will dive right into the code by first having a look at the standard example project of Blazor WebAssembly and then we already build the main project of this course, which is a classic online browser game, where users can create an army of fighters and send them into battle against other users.
Together with some customization options and climbing the leaderboard, this application will teach you how to use Blazor WebAssembly with Razor components in a playful way.
We will have a look at data- and event binding, communication between components, forms with their built-in components and validation options, how to use views only authorized users can see, how to make calls to a web service, and much more.
Additionally, you will learn how to build the back end of the browser game with a Web API and Entity Framework to store all the data in a SQL Server database.
By the end of this course, you will have what it takes to call yourself a full stack Blazor web developer.
With your new skills, you are ready to conquer any upcoming .NET web development project you want to build yourself or any project that is requested by a recruiter.
The only tools you need are Visual Studio, Postman, SQL Server, and a browser like Chrome or Firefox.
Everything is available for free and also cross-platform! So you can follow this course on Windows and macOS.

You will learn

✓ Build a complete web application with Blazor WebAssembly, Web API, Entity Framework and a SQL Server database
✓ Razor components: Communication, data binding, event handling, the @code block & more
✓ Forms in Blazor WebAssembly with Validation & displaying validation messages
✓ Utilize built-in forms components like InputText, InputCheckbox, InputSelect & more
✓ Authentication & authorization with the AuthenticationStateProvider & the AuthorizeView component
✓ Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
✓ Use Web API as web service with the HTTP request methods GET, POST, PUT & DELETE by utilizing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
✓ Use Entity Framework with code-first migrations to store your data in a SQL Server database
✓ Publish & Deploy to a Windows Server with IIS (Internet Information Services)
✓ …and much more!


• Basic web development knowledge with C# & HTML is preferable

This course is for

• Everyone who wants to make the next big step in web development with Blazor & .NET
• Students who want to improve their skills in order to have better chances for career advancement
Passionate Software Developer & Teacher
Writing code is what drives me. Creating software out of nothing is a skill I truly am passionate about and I want to share this astonishing feeling of making stuff with you.
I started to learn several programming languages as a teenager and always wanted to create software ever since I first played a game on a Commodore 64. During my bachelor and master studies, I joined various companies, made desktop and web applications as well as video games professionally and was always anxious to improve my craft, which I have been doing for more than 15 years now.​
For me, the most important part of writing and teaching code is to have fun. If certain ways work for you and the results are maintainable and you have fun with your results, you’re doing it the right way. I don’t care if you always use your keyboard or switch to the mouse from time to time, so-called best practices are not always best or practical, I want to teach you to develop software in a way it works in the industry, a way it works for you and in a way that makes you happy. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 17h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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