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Spring: a time of sales : Economic Analysis

(Includes Oxford Diploma) Buy one get 5 million free.....? But does that make it right? (Workbook included)
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Table of contents


The course includes a WORKBOOK.
A new section has been added about…you!
Black Friday Economics looks at the Economics behind Black Friday – but also the Ethics.
We look at:
1. Black Friday history
2. Pricing policy – not just ‘sale price; but the strategies within the strategies!
3. Black Friday ‘traps’
4. The psychology behind deals – you are welcome to share your own personal experiences!
5. Violence
6. Retailers’ strategies – is the bottom line simply to gain more revenue?
7. Guilt – just one party or several?
8. Behavioral Economics
8. Alternatives
Very current.
The course is bolstered with film clips, studies, recent newspaper articles and examples. We also look Cyber Monday. Black Friday is very soon – what you learn here, what you consider – and any discussions you take part in, may just influence your behaviour…
What will YOU be doing on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ Green Monday?
The material on this course covers responses to ALL sales – cyber and High Street – and we look at the history, the strategies and the results. Some of this may make uncomfortable viewing – especially if you have queued all night only to find the price reduction was on ONE item only! In terms of ethics, of course we look at the ethics of the marketing but also is the consumer (yes, the one who pushes to the front of the queue, hurdles barriers, fights other consumers to get the ‘super sale’ TV, – blameless?

You will learn

✓ Black Friday – who gains?
✓ Black Friday – who loses?
✓ Types of pricing policy
✓ The psychology behind Black Friday
✓ Alternatives to Black Friday
✓ Retailers strategies
✓ You will also learn something about yourself


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This course is for

• Students who see Black Friday promotions anywhere
• Students studying Business, Economics or Philosophy and Ethics
• Students who work in the retail sector
• Students who have lost their job and are now unemployed
Best selling Instructor, author, actor…volunteer
43+ years experience teaching Economics, Business, Sociology, Politics and other subjects in schools, universities and other colleges – State and Private Sector. Appeared in 100+ films (including corporate training and fitness videos). 100+ books on Amazon. Featured by the BBC, Polish TV, The Times, The Telegraph and…The Sun.
Studied at:
· University of Oxford (Philosophy and Economics)
· Oxford Brookes (Teacher training)
· University of Glamorgan (Business and Economics)
· Professional qualifications at Masters level
· Business and Economics degree
· Examiner for four major examining boards, at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level.
· Three teaching diplomas plus CELTA
· Qualified fitness trainer
Key academic positions held:
· Principal Oxford School of Learning
· Director of Studies: St Joseph’s Hall, Oxford
· Head of Economics: Cherwell Tutors
· Head of Business and Economics: Pipers Corner School, Buckingham
Founder: Almost Random Theatre
Business and Economics background
Set up and ran Oxford Conferences and ran 50+ Business/Economics conferences at schools – all fees to charity
Amazon Business/Economics books include:
Titles include:
· Case studies for Business
· Time management for teachers
· Creativity techniques in Economics
· Drucker in Business Studies
· Creativity in Business
· Business calculations
· Further applications of de Bono
· Applying de Bono
· Philosophy Games
Taught students at the University of Oxford , Brookes University and schools in the state and independent sector
Principal of Oxford School of Learning for 15 years
Created OSL Training and trained Business, Psychology and Sociology teachers
Set up Marketing Education Services in the 1980s and sold cassette tape recordings of my lectures at the University of Oxford
Featured in The Times, The Telegraph, the BBC, ITV and Polish national television owing to the success of my teaching techniques and subsequent success of my students.
Ex-Buyer for a major car company
Psychology and Motivation background
Author of 100+ books on Amazon (mainly Business/Economics/Psychology) including:
· GCSE Psychology thru Mind Maps
· AS/A2 Psychology
· AS Psychology thru Mind Maps
· A2 Psychology thru Mind Maps
· Lifestyle Plan
· The Internet and Psychology
Through his own business OSL Training has run training courses for teachers of Psychology
Writer of several plays about death and appeared in films dealing with death
Theatre and Film Career
· 2012 – set up Almost Random Theatre.
· Since 2012 the theatre has delivered workshops in Scotland, Wales, Czech Republic and Poland as well as 15 schools in England.
· Chris has written/directed over 50 short and 3 one-Act plays that have subsequently been performed in London and Oxford.
· Scripts for three of his plays have been sold, via an Independent publisher, to schools in the UK.
· Course-creator/author of Coping with Old Age and Death – one person’s perspective.
· He has also had plays put on – and performed in – Oxford and Brighton Fringes, London, Scotland and Wales.
· Chris has appeared in over 112 films.
Charity/Wellbeing work
· Ambassador for Heart UK
· Stoke Lead and member of Research panel for the Stroke Association
· Board member of Stroke Club UK
· Ambassador for  Different Strokes (charity)
· Member of PHC (Public Health Collaboration) UK
· Author of 6-volume Lifestyle Manual
· Author of other Lifestyle books on Amazon
· Originator of the Holman Protocol
Nothing in any of Chris’s courses should be interpreted as linking to or representing any of the above stroke organisations.
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Platform: Udemy
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