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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing Master Course 2021

Your Cookbook Resource For Absolute Mastery Of The Cryptocurrency Markets
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BITCOIN. It’s that word that has been surrounded by controversy and mystery since it’s inception and at this point is practically a household name. Even then… most people have no idea what a bitcoin even is.
Do you? Do you understand how blockchain works? Do you know what altcoins are? Do you know where to store your cryptocurrencies? Do you know how to take advantage of coin offerings? Do you know how to stay secure on the internet and not become victim to a scammer or hacker? Do you know how to how to thoroughly do analysis on a cryptocurrency or blockchain company before investing? Do you know the basics of long term investing strategies?
If you feel like an outsider and you’re interested in learning passive investing techniques in one of the hottest industries in the world right now then this content is for you. The learning curve for this technology and industry can seem overwhelming but in this easy to follow course with simple to understand terminology and video walk-thrus I show you how to master the game and become a successful cryptocurrency investor just like I have.
In this course you will learn how the cryptocurrency market works and how to implement longer-term investing strategies to be successful in managing your own money in this relatively new industry that has yet to still fully boom.
I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours in this space (I am a crypto day-trader by profession) and have taken the knowledge I have learned and compiled it into these course(s) so that you too can learn the basics of how crypto and blockchain works, how to buy/sell/invest long term plus trading techniques, how to read charts, how to find small market cap gems with high growth potential, how to do thorough fundamental and technical analysis on cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies, how to build a portfolio based upon your risk level, how to assess your own personal risk level and make sure it is inline with your goals, how to store your cryptocurrencies and stay secure on the internet, how to master a successful and abundant mindset, and so much more…
This course is your gateway to understanding risk:reward and becoming a successful cryptocurrency investor (which can be applied to other markets as well). If you implement the knowledge found within this course and don’t just gamble your money away by “investing” in something you don’t fully understand or by coming in late after CNBC tells you to do so then the nominal amount you pay for this course will be forgotten about as your returns will be plentiful in the years to come.
Consider the amount you pay for this course an investment in YOURSELF. Invest in yourself because YOU ARE worth it. Time is money. The largest transfer of wealth in history is coming. The time to start learning is now. It pays to pay attention.

You will learn

✓ Why the largest transfer of wealth in history is coming and how you will learn to capitalize on that
✓ Why now is one of the best times to invest in the industry
✓ How to develop and maintain a mindset for success and of abundance
✓ The importance of learning how to manage your own money
✓ Why all of this is so important for future societies
✓ How markets work & why prices move
✓ How cryptos derive value
✓ The basics of blockchain and crypto technology
✓ How to read charts and interpret market data
✓ Frequently asked questions about bitcoin and other cryptos
✓ Common misconceptions about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and tokens
✓ The different types of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens on the market
✓ How to draw support/resistance levels and trendlines to create buying and selling points
✓ Understanding the relationship between market cap and potential investment risk
✓ How to do thorough fundamental and technical analysis before investing
✓ How to find small market cap gems with high growth potential to invest in
✓ What is a fork
✓ What is mining
✓ What is staking
✓ Ways to earn cryptocurrencies
✓ How to choose an exchange to to buy your cryptocurrencies
✓ Common cryptocurrency terms used within the industry
✓ How coin offerings work and how you can invest in them and make money
✓ How to set up and end-to-end encrypted email address
✓ How to set up 2 Factor Authentication
✓ How to remain secure on the internet
✓ How to use blockchain explorers to check transaction information
✓ The different types of wallets
✓ How to choose a wallet to securely store your cryptocurrencies
✓ How to securely store your passwords and private keys
✓ How to encrypt a USB drive to conceal your data
✓ How to buy your initial cryptocurrency
✓ How to access a decentralized exchange and buy altcoins
✓ How to sell your cryptocurrencies
✓ How to cash out for USD
✓ How to secure your investment value using stable coins
✓ How to transfer cryptocurrencies
✓ How to find cryptos and blockchain companies to invest in
✓ How to build an investment portfolio
✓ How to understand your own personal risk level and invest accordingly
✓ How to stay up to date on crypto companies
✓ Resources to use to your benefit
✓ How to protect yourself against scammers and hackers
✓ What exchanges to use
✓ How to buy altcoins
✓ So much more…


• A desire to learn
• A computer, mobile phone, or tablet to watch the videos
• Pen and paper for taking notes
• Capability of understanding and developing your own personal risk:reward tolerance to become a seasoned investor
• Patience

This course is for

• Everyone who feels like an outsider when it comes to having a thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency industry
• Everyone who is interested in learning how to be a successful manager of their own money
• Everyone who just doesn’t understand what a “bitcoin” is
• Everyone, of any age, who can see that the future is digital but is currently on the outside looking in
• Everyone who looks at a trading chart and feels like they’re looking at a foreign language
• Everyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of information related to the cryptocurrency industry and doesn’t know where to go to get trustworthy information
• Everyone who is skeptical of this industry and is seeking clarity before they invest
• Everyone who is interested in building a passive income stream so that they may in the future– have money for retirement, put a down payment on a house, become an entrepreneur and start a business, learn the fundamentals of investing so they can start a career as a profitable day-trader, and so on…
Cryptocurrency Analyst & Daytrader
Short bio for Udemy:
I grew up in a poverty stricken family in a very rural town in Western North Carolina, USA. I discovered bitcoin in 2015 and dove head first down the rabbit hole learning everything I could about this industry.
It only took around two years later for me to find my forever exit from poverty and to help move my family out of the crime-ridden, drug-abusing town I grew up in.
Cryptocurrency and self-discipline changed my life.
As the story goes, I began seriously investing in cryptocurrencies in 2016. I grew my account from $6,000 to over $780,000 at it’s peak during the great bull-run of 2017/2018.
By profession I am a spot & futures daytrader in the cryptocurrency industry. Trading can be tricky, especially in these highly volatile markets but volatility is where a disciplined trader thrives.
I created these courses to help others understand and capitalize on the crypto markets. I currently have a FREE Starter Course for cryptos as well as an Education & Investing Master Course for cryptos and will be soon dropping an Accelerated Cryptocurrency Trading Course to share my knowledge and technique with others.
Connect with me on Instagram @livefreeadam. Connect with me on Telegram @adamjarrett (preferred).
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 56m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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