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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigation (OSINT)

Investigate Bitcoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrency, Unmask wallet, Txn, Solve real cases and more... using Open Source Tool
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For whatever length of time that there is blockchain, there will be digital money related wrongdoings that represent a genuine test to law enforcement agencies.

Bitcoin is the principal cryptographic money that strikes a chord when managing blockchain. The awful news is, blockchain related violations don’t finish with Bitcoin. There are bounty more cryptographic forms of money and approaches to utilize them illicitly. The uplifting news is, law authorization has dependably developed to illuminate even the most exceptional innovation violations, which implies that tackling digital currency wrongdoings is simply a question of time utilizing right arrangement of apparatuses and out of the box considering.

As indicated by INTERPOL, the Cryptocurrencies the primary Illicit Use of cryptographic forms of money and related wrongdoings are:

•Bitcoin Scams
•Illegal tax avoidance
•Coercion and Blackmail
•Speculation tricks
•Dark web sites Scam Stores
•Ransomware/Malware assaults
•Online Frauds
•Counterfeit Identities
•Medication/ Drug dealing
•furthermore, the rundown goes on…

An ever increasing number of controllers are stressing over offenders who are progressively utilizing digital forms of money for ill-conceived exercises like tax evasion, fear based oppressor financing and tax avoidance. The issue is noteworthy: despite the fact that the full size of abuse of virtual monetary forms is obscure, its reasonable worth has been answered to surpass EUR 7 billion around the world.

The fundamental difficulties are:

•Challenge on blockchain is to distinguish a client
•No correct arrangement of devices
•Extravagant courses and Limited scientific instruments accessible on this subject
•Requires out of the crate considering
•Untraceable nature of the virtual installments, which make it more troublesome for analytical journalists and law requirement to follow illegal tax avoidance
•Cross outskirt jurisdiction

Exploring Cryptocurrency is troublesome because of its mysterious nature.This course will enable you to solve real life cases using open source tools which are free and can be accessed using a web browser (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.). Forensic analysis of various transactions, identifying links and similarities, profiling and narrow down crime using cryptocurrency, unmask and identify wallet provider, find IP address, Explore Dark-net and Illegal Marketplace, search suspicious operations, Follow the transaction and money trail and much more.

Forensic analysis of physical or digital wallet on-site (physical location) like finding evidence on mobile phones and laptop/desktop is beyond the scope of this course. This course highlight methods to remotely investigate and conduct forensic analysis (using Internet Connection) of various real life malicious cryptocurrency addresses and empowers to uncover the tracks.

Obviously, it’s impossible to drive all the criminals away from the Internet, but it is possible to come up with innovative ways to solve blockchain and cryptocurrency related crimes.

Learner hereby undertake to use, practice and explore the tools, techniques, methods, illustrations, cases etc used/demonstrated in this course at their own risk. They declare and confirm that the tutor/trainer of this course is free from any obligation, risk, liabilities, penalties, legal actions and damages suffered or incurred directly or indirectly. You are solely responsible for your action and use of information provided in this course.  Any misuse or illegal activities conducted using the information provided in this course will be sole responsibility and liability of the learner.

Let get started… 🙂

You will learn

✓ Bitcoin Forensics
✓ Cryptocurrency Forensics
✓ Solve Real Life Cyber Crime Cases involving cryptocurrency
✓ Search Dark Web and Hidden Networks using Web Crawler
✓ Unmask Hidden Wallet


• Basic Knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain Terminologies
• Access to Desktop PC or Laptop with Internet connection

This course is for

• Anyone Interested in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Forensic using Open Source Tools
• Law Enforcement, Students, Investigators and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 45m
Language: English
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