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Big Data Analytics in IOT domain

An essential guide for application of big data analytics in Internet of Things domain
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There are five axes of new digital technology forces those are changing the world order today in digital adoption. These forces are abbreviated as SMACI (Acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things(IOT) ). These forces have brought the digital disruption in life style of individual and the sea change in the strategy of new age enterprise).
Business has to continuously adopt to new digital technology for improving the three vital key performance indicators, i.e Revenue enhancement, Cost reduction and customer experience. IOT has brought the digital experience to a whole new level. When integrated with Big data analytics, it empowers organisation to disrupt markets or be competitive, reduce the cost of operation and increase the wallet share of customer. Today we talk about Industry 4.0 where machines are getting intelligent. The machines are talking, the barriers between machine and human communications are breaking through innovative technology applications.
IOT has widened the innovation landscape in technology. These innovations are in every spare of life, whether it is life style products, business operations performance or governance. You can think of smart car, smart city, smart grid, smart building, smart home, smart life style etc, limited by your imagination. The marriage of information technology and operational technology has made it possible. All those digital technologies are working in cohesion to make internet of things a reality of life.
The single most driver for IOT adoption is innovation in communication technology that is the backbone of IOT revolution. As data from sensors and SCADA systems are carried to cloud servers from the remote locations, these data are highly unstructured. The volume and velocity of such data is too huge and the time need to analyse is very short. Hence comes the stream of Big data analytics in IOT.  
Big data analytics and IOT course will inspire you to explore your mind to an unbounded thought process of possibilities. Your thought will be the only limiting force when you start unveiling the potentials.
You would be learning the IOT from its origination perspective , how industry is approaching it, what are the challenges, how unstructured data in real time basis is analysed, what insight it can give. It will also provide the tool, technology and platform available for experimentation and business intelligence.  You will be challenged to get yourself working as a team player because independently nobody can excel in this field, together a group can. The technology domain will discuss the working expertise you need  for finding a place in IOT and big data  analytics value chain.  
The course is accompanied with the industry use case, quiz and assignment to evaluate the progress. We wish you happy journey for “Big Data And IOT” course.

You will learn

✓ Fusion of Industry 4.0 coupled with big data analytics opens up a new era of technology evolution
✓ How big data is creating great opportunity in IOT domain for aspiring big data analytics enthusiasts. Learn the steps to define the cognitive problem statement and then turn to solutions.
✓ Start thinking rationally on IOT application with intelligence built into it
✓ Opens up the different facets and chains in complete value chain and helps you to position yourself.
✓ Think before you jump over on implementation of your next big idea in IOT domain.
✓ Know the prospect and validate against your enthusiasm before jumping to the intelligent device domain


• Any Technology enthusiast who wants to know the ‘Down of intelligent machine era’
• You should be beginner in computer science, data science and basic electronics
• Anyone who wants to understand the big data and IOT business potential and career opportunity

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to build career in IOT and Big data analytics
• Anyone who wants to understand the future of IOT and application of big data analytics in IOT domain
Experts in Telecom, Big data, Cyber security and IOT domain
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 21m
Language: English
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