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Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) for Beginners – 2

Learn basics of Bharatanatyam and 3 beautiful choreographies in 5 weeks!
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This course is created with an intent of having everyone to taste the pleasure of Bharatanatyam, with very little prior knowledge or experience with any of dance forms. This course is a sequel to my previous course – “Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) for Beginners” and the course prepares you for your journey towards “Salangai Poojai”.
What is “Salangai Poojai”?
•Salangai Poojai is the first milestone of Bharatanatyam learning. Typically Salangai Poojai is the first performance of a student – Friends and Relatives are formally invited, Performance halls are booked and the student performs for different Bharatanatyam Dance items for 45 mins to 1 hour. The performance also involves dressing up in the traditional Bharatanatyam attire, wearing “Salangai” – i.e. the Bharatanatyam Anklets.
Over the lessons in this course, we will embark on a journey towards “Salangai Poojai”, where we will learn:
•Prepping our body for the style of Bharatanatyam: Basic steps to build the Rhythm and Coordination in the body
•Paraval Adavu
•Kuthitha MettAdavu
•Hasta Mudras or Hand movements
•Choreography 1: A Classical Dance piece on the Goddess of Wisdom – Saraswati Vandana!
•Choreography 1: Fusion of Bharatanatyam with western beats!
•Choreography 2: A Classical Prayer dance on Lord Ganesha!

By the end of this course (within a few weeks), you will be able to learn and skillfully perform 3 beautiful Bharatanatyam choreographies! And having learnt basics of Bharatanatyam through this course, you will be ready to move forward with the more advanced lessons in Bharatanatyam.
(Watch out for my advanced lessons in this series of Salangai Poojai – coming soon!) 🙂

So let’s begin! 🙂

You will learn

✓ Bharatnatyam Fundamentals Level 2 – The next set of Adavus after ThattAdavu and NattAdavu – Paraval Adavu, KuthithaMettAdavu and the next set of Mudras and their Applications
✓ Prepare your body for ‘Laya’ (Basic rhythm patterns) and coordination needed for Bharatanatyam.
✓ Learn the techniques and Prepare your body to learn ‘Bhava’ – Basic Expressions for story telling through dance.
✓ Choreography 1: Saraswathi Prayer Dance – A pure Classical Dance piece on the Goddess of Wisdom
✓ Choreography 2: Fusion of Bharatanatyam with western beats Dance
✓ Choreography 2: Vinayaka Slokam Dance – A pure Classical Dance piece on Lord Ganesha
✓ Confidence to go up there and perform!


• It is recommended to have finished my Level 1 course – “Bharatnatyam (Indian classical-dance form) for Beginners”
• or, Have familiarity with ThattAdavu and NattAdavu
• And ofcourse your excitement and interest is enough.

This course is for

• People who have already completed my first course – Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) for Beginners
• People who know ThattAdavu and NattAdavu and want to learn more
• People who have little knowledge on Bharatanatyam and want to learn more
Dancer/Choreographer/Youtuber/AI Engineer
Hi Everyone, i am Pavithrra Venkatraman.
I am a trained Bharatanatyam Dancer/Performer/Choreographer. I have learnt and practiced Bharatanatyam for over a decade. My guru is Dr. M. S. Sarala who is a direct disciple of the Bharatanatyam icon Dr. Padma Subramanium.  After learning Bharatanatyam for many years, I then completed a Diploma course in Bharatanatyam from the renowned Alagappa University Arts Department. I am currently learning Kathak from SIFAS Singapore to widen my dance styles. 
I am passionate about dancing and I started dancing at the age of 4. My dance styles also ranges from classical to Bollywood and contemporary. I am also passionate about teaching. I am also a professional Yoga Trainer. Practicing Yoga really helps me in my dance.
By profession, i am also an engineer working in Artificial Intelligence domain.
I am also a Youtuber, and you can check my other dance performances at my channel “Pavithrra Venkatraman”.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 26m
Language: English
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