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Beginners guide to Meditation Through Visualisation

Learn how to relax your mind and let me take you on some beautiful journeys through meditation.
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This course is a simple beginners guide to learn how to meditate through visualisation. 

This course will help you to relax through short meditations, i will guide you through each step and take you on beautiful journeys to The African Savannah Sunset or The Japanese Gardens. 
You will learn to have time for yourself and to relax by listening to our short meditations between 7-18 minutes long. They can be practised in the Morning, Through the Day or As you Lay down to Sleep. 
Meditation Lessens Anxiety and Strengthens you as a person on a whole. 
Many people get confused as to what meditation is and why we should give it ago. You make think ”I haven’t got the time”.
What does this course offer you?
•Learn how to Meditate.•Learn the Benefits of Meditation.•Learn How to Prepare for Meditating.•Learn how to Take Control of Thoughts and Feelings.•Learn to listen to your Gut Instincts. •Learn how to Relax.•Learn to Let Go. •Learn how to Increase Self Awareness.•Increase Your Confidence and Self-Esteem.•Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle.What benefits you will gain from this course:
•Reduce Stress Levels and Anxiety.•Encourage a healthier lifestyle.•More focused and motivated.•Increase Self Awareness.•Increase your happiness.•Increase your self acceptance and self esteem.Course Layout:
•Guided Meditations•Motivational Speech•Short Meditation Exercises•Your own Meditation Journey.Target Audience:
Anyone of any age can meditate there is no risks with meditation, Meditation is a natural healer. Give it a go and see how you feel after. 

You will learn

✓ How to meditate step by step and be able to develop yourself.
✓ How to become more calm and content through control of thoughts and feelings.
✓ Reduce stress through meditation.
✓ Be able to practise Concentration Meditation
✓ Be able to Visualise in a Meditation
✓ Be able to confidently practise your own meditations.


• Must be able to use a device that has audio.
• Must be open minded.

This course is for

• Anyone who wishes to develop themselves and relax through meditation.
• Anyone who wishes to try and help their anxiety.
• Anyone who wishes to make their day more positive.
• Anyone who would like to meditate but doesn’t know how to.
Spiritual Teacher
My passion is people. 
My name is Ashleigh-Jay and I teach Anything Spiritual including Meditation and Self improvement. I enjoy inspiring and motivating whilst relaxing and calming people’s minds. Meditation is a big help in my life so why not help others to reduce anxiety, stress and to help people to become more focused and learn to love themselves more through meditation and self improvement guidance, Take time for yourself and learn to find you. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 21m
Language: English
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