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Beginner Yoga Meditation & Meditative Postures For Wellbeing

Learn powerful processes from the yoga world to improve your state of mind/emotional health & spiritual strength
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This is some of the deep spiritual developmental work from authentic Indian Yoga but for beginners. I’m Paul Tavares, a long time yogi and teacher of many kinds. I have taught taichi, chigong and martial arts for many years. And I have recently published a book called Power Meditation. I will teach you ancient yet useful techniques form a discipline developed to strengthen the mind body emotion and spirit. I will focus on state of mind enhancement rather than just asana alone…. Some basic yet powerful annas will be visited and taught as well as meditation and philosophy. It is the meditation and philosophical side that you do not tend to get in a western class.
Yoga is more than just an exercise system that stretches the body….it stretches your understanding of your body…not JUST your physical body… and the shines a light on the deeper aspects of how we interact with the world around us. This is a great course for both beginners and those who have had any level of experience in yoga but want to develop a deeper understanding of the discipline. Much of what i have learn comes through my learning and teaching in both the UK & India. It will cover deeper aspects of yoga as well as the basics. You will learn meditation based around yoga & how yogis view the world. There is something for everyone placed within this course & it is a good compliment for anyone who has recently taken up yoga. I always recommend much of what I have taught to all my students and I will be recommending this course too. I wish you a fulfilling experience in your journey of understanding and positive development using the founder system of all personal development systems, yoga.

You will learn

✓ You will learn how to become calmer, sharper, healthier and spiritually fulfilled through the practice yoga.


• Have a reasonable level of fitness, check with your doctor that it is okay to practice yoga, an interest in becoming better in as many ways as possible.

This course is for

• Anyone interested in one of the most popular disciplines in the world.
• People who want real experiences they can feel benefits from in real time.
Wellbeing Expert & Scientist

My name is Paul Tavares. I am a speaker/teacher of wellbeing disciplines & author who has created a new modality for companies, communities & organisations fashioned from allopathic & holistic root modalities.
Following years of study under various teachers & practitioners of high regard… including world class gurus & masters, holistic health practitioners, experts of the subconscious mind, university lecturers and scholars, I have created highly effective mind, body, emotion & spirit modalities. I would like to share them with you.
I have packaged the best techniques from the best global experts and applied these principles to cultivate confidence & joyfulness in my life and the lives of many others.
Positivity & wellbeing was always something I amalgamated into my life in childhood. I was intent to create a steady and sharp state of being. Stress itself can be seen as something positive, if used correctly.
The systems I use tap into the power of NLP, energy work, hypnosis, tai chi, qi gong, mindfulness, martial arts, dance & yoga, as well as unique modalities that are not yet practice in the west. Each unique fusion is interactive, life-changing and
designed to redirect the energy of stress in a focused positive manner. I call this system, Power Meditation.
With very best wishes,
Paul J Tavares MSc BSc
Author of Power Meditation

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 48m
Language: English
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