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Beginner SQL for Data Analytics – No Coding Experience Req’d

Learn SQL in 3.5 hours, no prior experience necessary! Gain one of the hottest skills and have fun along the way!
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SQL is one of the hottest skills, even if you’re not a data scientist. Over 100,000 jobs currently list this as a desired skill in a candidate. SQL allows you to quickly summarize, organize, and pull any piece of information from a database to then be used in your analytics. This course will quickly teach the core SQL language using real life examples and lots of practice.

What is SQL?   
SQL is the language of almost all databases. Using SQL, you’ re able to grab, summarize, organize, analyze, and dig deeper into your company’s data. You’ll be able to gain insights and obtain answers to questions in a quicker, more in-depth manner.

But I don’t have a database to work with and have no previous experience with databases? 
That’s fine! We provide you with the database and free tools to get started. We start from the very basics of databases and SQL code. From there we teach you everything you need to know to start executing expert queries.

Why do I need to learn SQL?
Look at most job postings that deal with any type of analytics, whether that is in marketing, finance, or operations. Many of these will list a knowledge of SQL as a highly desirable skill. Knowing SQL will help you become an analytics master!

NOTE: If you would like to receive CPE credit for this course, you must complete the final exam on our website.

You will learn

✓ Learn how to code in SQL – no coding experience necessary!
✓ Become proficient in SQL by writing flawless and efficient queries
✓ Use SQL to perform data analysis
✓ Tons of quizzes and exercises to help you solidify your knowledge
✓ Learn SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, and other essential code
✓ Start using MySQL – the #1 Database Management System


• No prior coding experience or database required! We’ll start from with basics and work our way up.

This course is for

• Anyone interested in learning SQL or basic data analysis
• Especially great for recent college grads, aspiring Data Analysts, and marketers
CFO, Corporate Finance expert, Instructor, Mentor
Wisdify is an online training platform with a mission to empower professionals with the skills and knowledge to succeed professionally.
Our engaging online courses equip you with extremely relevant and in-demand hard and soft skills so you can become more employable and promotable.
Our courses include: SQL for Data Analytics, Intro to Data Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Marketing Analytics, Microsoft VBA Macros, Financial Statement Analysis and more!
To receive CPE credit, you must complete the final exam on our website.

About the instructor
Joseph is the owner of Wisdify and is Joseph has a loves sharing his knowledge of finance, accounting, and business operations.  He is passionate about helping individuals and teams unlock their true potential.  He is an avid teacher and mentor, entrepreneur, and small business advisor.
Joseph is an active CFO with almost 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, and consulting.  He has worked in large public companies, private companies, and private-equity owned businesses.  His industry experience cuts across manufacturing, media/entertainment, real estate, capital/banking, and more.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 15m
Language: English
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