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Beginner Guitar Course: Have More Fun With Your Guitar

Without mastering music theory, spending thousands of dollars on a private teacher, or leaving the comfort of your home
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Guitar Lessons should be fun and help you play better, not frustrating and confusing.

If you’re tired of wasting time on boring music theory when all your want to do is strum along to your favorite songs, then let Lauren’s beginner guitar course lead the way? Learning to play the guitar the right way and in the right order will help make playing your guitar much more fun and increase your chances of success. That’s why Lauren focuses on the 3 Fundamentals of Learning Guitar:
•Chords for playing songs
•Strumming to make it fun
•Picking to develop finger flexibility and speed
Follow the videos is the order or mix and match according to Lauren’s workbook to build your skills all at once.

•105 Video Lectures
•179 Downloadable Resources
•6.5 hours of on-demand video
•Available on both PC or Mac
•Keep track of which of which lectures you have completed
•Follow along step-by-step or use Lauren’s leveling system

“I’ve learned more in 4 months with [Lauren] than I have in 2 years with in person instruction.” — Joanne Inzinna

“I started the course about four months ago and cannot get over how far I have come in so short a period of time. I’ve gone from knowing absolutely nothing to being able to play “Country Roads,” “Horse With No Name,” and “Eleanor Rigby.”— Daryl Holmes

“I’d had trouble with other online lessons not showing fingering or strum patterns clearly, but Lauren breaks it down to the very simplest steps that things just really began to click with me. I started lessons with her about 3 months ago and I led worship at church this week for the first time playing my acoustic guitar. I would have never dreamed success would come so quickly!” — Pamela Yates
“When I turned 60, I wanted to take guitar lessons. I signed up for classes at a well-known music store. Four instructors, two music schools and two years later, I didn’t feel like I had learned very much. As each instructor moved on, each new instructor taught in a different style and I always felt like I was starting from square one. I decided to try to learn on my own with YouTube. I came across some videos by Lauren Bateman. After watching a few videos and seeing what I liked, I signed up for Lauren’s online classes. I love them. She is a great instructor, very patient and very concise. Her course is laid out very well and I love Lauren’s videos. They are easy to understand and easy to follow along with. I would highly recommend Lauren Bateman’s online course.” – Lori Bennet

Lauren’s teaching is very different the other guitar teachers online, probably because she doesn’t have a degree in music. Just like you, Lauren picks up the guitar so she could have fun playing the songs she loves and that’s how she teaches.

•Absolute beginner with no experience, this course is for YOU!
•Those trying to learn on their own but feeling stuck, then this course is for YOU!
•Retirees looking for a new hobby or trying to check off your bucket list, then this course is definitely for YOU!
•If you feel like you are not getting the results you want from your current guitar instruction methods, then this course is perfect for YOU!

This course does take time and practice. This course will not magically turn you into an amazing guitar player via osmosis. You do need to put the time in to see results. In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week, you can see serious progress in your playing.

Scroll up and click the “Take This Course” button now.

You will learn

✓ Learn The Chords Needed To Play 1000s Of Songs
✓ Fun Strumming Patterns That Make You Feel Like A Guitar Player
✓ Easy Beginner Fixes For Difficult Barre Chords
✓ Build Finger Dexterity For Faster Chords Changes And Cleaner Chords
✓ Simple Picking Patterns To Sound Like A Pro
✓ A Self Paced And Step-By-Step Process For Making REAL Progress On Your Guitar
✓ Training Modules To Practice Along In Time With Lauren


• You will need a guitar and some guitar picks.
• A guitar tuning app and a metronome app.
• A printer to print out PDFs would be great.

This course is for

• Absolute beginners looking for a simpler approach to learning guitar
• Students feeling lost or overwhelmed by their current learning options
• Guitarists looking to build chord speed and clarity
• Any student looking to learn fun strumming patterns to apply to songs
• Anyone looking to get back into guitar after years of not playing
• Students looking to have fun with guitar without wasting time on boring theory
• Retired individuals looking for a new hobby
Fun, Energetic & Experienced Teacher; Start Having More Fun
As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren knows the importance of achieving your goals today, not tomorrow. That’s why Lauren has made it her life’s mission to help as many students as possible learn to play guitar with her simple and step-by-step approach.
Unlike most guitar teachers out there, Lauren doesn’t have a music degree (she was a scientist) and knows what students want to learn to have fun on the guitar quickly. She doesn’t like to bog students down with useless information that they won’t use or don’t need. If you are not becoming a professional musician there are a number of shortcut you can take to fast track your learning and Lauren wants to teacher them to you.
Lauren has successfully taught guitar for a decade and her methods were so successful that she opened a entire music school around them. She believed in them so much that she quit her job as a scientist to teach and inspire people through music.
Imagine if:
– You could play guitar like you always wanted- You had a tested step-by-step approach to learning- You had access to one of the top guitar teachers in the Boston area
Well now you can!
You are never too old to learn. Some of Lauren’s favorite student to teach at her studio are those ages 50 and older.
And you don’t need natural talent either. No one in Lauren’s family played music. That’s why she’s so passionate about helping you reach your goals because she knows you can. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.
Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.
Life is a daring adventure or nothing. Start your guitar journey with Lauren today.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 14m
Language: English
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