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Becoming Shaman (Internationally Accredited)

Manifest Your Best Life, and Coach Others to do the same
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The world needs more shaman!
The shaman, medicine men, and wise women, all knew how to activate the law of attraction and the way they did it was by exercising the techniques you will learn in this course.
We become our own shaman when we are in alignment with our Higher Self, and when we coach others to do the same.
We all long for satisfaction in our lives, and satisfaction comes from one place, and one place only: it comes when we are moving in the direction of who we really are.
This course is designed to lead you to the biggest answers to the biggest questions you have about yourself, your life’s direction, and how to bring your specific gifts to the world with confidence.
In this eight week workshop we will cover these topics:
•What is a shaman?
•How to claim your power
•Meditation methods
•Attracting the life you desire
•The Anatomy of Energy
•Medical Intuition
•Natural Health Modalities (diet, herbal medicine)
•What are your Spiritual Gifts?
•Mediumship (Talk to spirits on the Other Side)
•Past Life Regressions and Hypnosis
•Learn to facilitate Shamanic Healing Energy™
•The importance of Ceremony in our modern world
This is a comprehensive course designed to take the student from their ordinary worldly existence, to an enhanced, multi-faceted existence in which he or she will feel confident and in control of the life they’re leading, and in their ability to enhance the lives they touch.
The curriculum is geared to those who are speakers, healers, teacher, therapists, ministers, or otherwise work with improving the lives of others. By this I mean that I speak to my students as if they will be carrying this information forward, but even if you are none of the above, each of us has an effect on the lives of those around us and I imagine that every person taking the Becoming Shaman workshop will use their newly acquired skills to improve the lives around them.
There are exercises and assignments throughout this workshop.
This course has been accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), and students who complete the Becoming Shaman workshop will be certified and recognized as an expert in the field of Shamanistic Theology.
“I didn’t have any idea once I started your class how much it would resonate with me. The weeks built on each other, and the assignments were on target with manifesting desired results. The lectures were practical and down to earth. It really is easy to see results IF you meditate daily and clear your chakras. As I continued in the lessons, it became a “guilty pleasure” to dive in each week.
Becoming my own shaman has helped me to figure out who I am! I feel like it has brought me home to me.”
Cathy R.
“Being able to treat myself, my young daughters, my husband, friends and even clients with natural remedies has been an incredible blessing and I am going to be pursuing becoming a herbalist as well in the future as you have truly inspired me.”
Rebeka-Lynn M
“This course has told me a lot about myself and reconfirmed some of the things that I must continue to Be, Know, and Do. Your goal has been accomplished I enjoyed this course and your guidance and mentorship. Your course is well laid out. The training manual to me is just like our military Standing Operation Procedure (SOP), meaning that if you are not on location with me I can still accomplish my mission. I learned a lot from the videos and your training manual. The things you covered in both the video and the manual such as how to present yourself and the consideration of your client such as not wearing strong scents, and getting their permission when using sage/anointing oils to make them aware of the purpose of usage. The manual along with all of its reference’s and protocol is a must have…I’m saying this because it never leaves you in the blind…it also shows your love and caring about taking care of people and a true shaman quest.”
Patrick W.
*I, Bonnie M. Russell, make no claims, promises or guarantees, and am neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. Anything I say or write should be understood as my own opinion and not an expression of professional advice or prescription. You are entirely responsible for how you choose to understand, misunderstand, use or misuse any of my writings or communications.

You will learn

✓ Shamanic Healing Energy(TM): An intuition based energy healing modality
✓ Mediumship
✓ Enhance intuition and psychic abilities
✓ How to exist in the “Now” for healing on every level
✓ The meaning of Life
✓ Holistic Healing Modalities; Herbal Medicine, Healthy Diet
✓ Meditation


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This course is for

• Empaths
• Holistic Practitioners
• Spiritual Seekers of all backgrounds
• Energy Healers
• Life Coaches
Minister and Holistic Therapist
Bonnie is an enlightened spiritual teacher and speaker.
She is a Doctor of Shamanistic Theology, has her Masters in Spiritual Leadership and is a certified Master Herbalist. She is nationally board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
A student of life, she is an intuitive healer with a logical mind who applies science and reason to the spiritual guidance that comes through in every session.
By applying modern knowledge to traditional wisdom we can make ourselves well.
We CAN be our own shaman.
– Her books, “Spirit Flight, Claim your Joy and Your Health Will Follow” & “The Empowered Empath, Become your own Shaman” are available on Amazon.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 25m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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