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Become the Leader on Effective Workplace Communication

Learn the fundamental structuring method taught in top MBA programs.
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Communication 501: Fundamentals of Business Communication
The most  successful people in business can clearly and concisely share complex  technical concepts with anyone.  They run large firms. They are  venture capitalists. they make a ton of money in investment banking and private equity.  They are “thought  leaders.” They have no fear of public speaking.  They know how to communicate effectively and they are usually quite wealthy.  You can be that person.

Here is where it all  starts.  This course is made by technical people for technical people.

Before  you can “wow” them, before you can present the fancy graphics, before  you become a dazzling speaker, you must learn the fundamentals. You need  effective communication skills.  For those of you who are American  football fans, it would be like trying to execute a complex defense  before you know how to block and tackle. 
This course has no abstract theory and fluffy-feel-good-foolishness.  We provide tools an a structure you can use immediately.

In  this short seminar we present a simple, robust STRUCTURE that we  use all the time for our presentations, seminars and especially emails  to senior leaders.  For those of you who are technical people (like the  staff at Communication for Geeks®) and not authors, this structure  provides a very robust “crutch” that will help you be clear, organized  and extremely effective. 
Like  you, we come from technical backgrounds, so we decided to use an example  from our past. Throughout this seminar, we’ll use a real example of how  to communicate highly technical information to non-technical people. We  will show you how to “put it in terms that are important to the listener.” 
(And yes, you can self-report one PDU for your PMP® continuing education.)

You will learn

✓ You will be more clear, concise and effective when speaking or presenting to senior management.
✓ You will learn the same communication skills taught at top MBA programs.
✓ You will learn to communicate effectively.
✓ You will learn skills to advance your career.
✓ You will learn to be comfortable and confident with senior leadership.
✓ You will learn to be effective in front of clients.


• This course is designed for techies, but the principles are universal.
• If you work in business, you need this course.

This course is for

• This course is for anyone who’s job involves analyzing or presenting technical concepts.
• This course is designed for technical specialists. Engineers, app developers, biochemists, statisticians and anyone else who has a technical background.
• We have no abstract theory and fluffy-feel-good-foolishness. We provide tools and structures you can use immediately.
• SOFT SKILLS MATTER! You don’t need “touchy-feely,” but you do need to clearly communicate your best work.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 36m
Language: English
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