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Become Attractive Simply by Helping People To Like You.

6 EASY Principles That Will Enhance Your Attraction!!
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Discover how easy it actually is to develop relationships that work? Forget about all the hype and gimmicks. The rules of engagement have changed.
Video conferencing is dwarfing physical face-to-face, instant messaging, and email replacing a simple phone call; many people have forgotten or never learned soft skills.
Leadership, adaptability, relationship building, and basic communication skills have become a lost art.
Don’t miss out!
Cash in. Get in front of this wave NOW!

Learn the forgotten vital principles of how to build relationships that bring value quickly.

If you are around others – at work or home – if you want success, you will benefit from this course.
Maybe you’ve been struggling with creating connections; maybe you’re thinking, “this is just the way I am.” Make today a new beginning for you.
This course will give you the courage, confidence, and necessary tools, taught through six simple, easy to learn principles that you need to make a few simple, frictionless changes to become more competent more often in your relationships to get the results you desire.

Others have taken this amazingly simple  Learn to help people to like you, course and you should too so that
•your CONFIDENCE and SELF WORTH improves…..
•you make friends easier with the result that you will MASSIVELY INCREASE your social and business circles faster
•you can build faster, stronger, deeper, more meaningful relationships so that stress levels decrease and happiness skyrockets
•you will feel an increased sense of belonging and purpose.
•you can increase your social circle
•you give value faster and more often to people because you understand that you eventually GET WHAT you want if you do this often enough
•you increase your chances of getting that great job because you are no longer afraid of going through the interview process
•you can confidently get that 1st date with your favorite person
If you are already a very successful communicator, excellent with people, and others-centered, this course is still for you. Here’s why. Being on your game in the personal development arena means intentionally doing something every day that reminds you of a particular skill or teaching you.
This course is designed and taught with the beginner in mind; the principles and skills are timeless. Invested well will generate massive ROI.
What are people saying about Catherine?
•October 2020 Kristy N. says… In a word, she has brought me peace in all areas of my life. We tend to go through life having so much on our plate we end up being a jack of all trades and master of none.
Because I feel better about myself, the benefits have poured into my relationships and finances… She is a no-nonsense, lead by example kind of woman.
Truly a blessing in my life! When people ask why I should have a life coach like Catherine… I ask why not?
•October 2020, Michelle W. says…Where do I start??!! Since I’ve met Catherine, she has been an encouraging and constant role model…
Catherine has a way of challenging my current way of thinking without making me ever feel bad about it! That is talent and true empathy and coaching.
She has changed my life, and I’ve had family, friends, and coworkers tell me they’ve noticed a huge difference. Change has been through health, fitness, confidence, self-awareness, time management, etc.
Would I recommend Catherine? One thousand times, yes!
What are people saying about Phil?
•Brian Nieves Mo. State Senator (Ret.) | Speaker | Trainer | Performance Coach… Says Phil is genuine, transparent, and practices the very principles he teaches.
He is a “no nonsense-get-what-you-see-kinda-guy” – he is goal-driven, disciplined, and on a continuous learning path. Phil has a great attitude, facing obstacles with a growth mindset.
He won’t give up until he achieves his goals. As a friend, he is loyal and trustworthy, knows how to build heartfelt rapport quickly, and more importantly, he knows how to maintain relationships – even when he is 1000s of miles away.
•Carla Snair…Says the thing that stood out to me with Phil was his drive and passion for self-discipline. I watched him read and get better and grow so much in his ability to lead and love people. 
I’ve watched him lead and inspire 1000’s. I’ve witnessed it on a public stage, in smaller groups, and also one on one. When Phil speaks people listen because he has the fruit on the tree, so to speak.
Phil has made a huge positive impact on my life, and I am thankful for our friendship and am indebted to him forever.
•Steve Kendrick… Phil Wall has communication skills, starting with the ability to listen and understand. His thoughtful responses have helped me a great deal. I’ve improved my people skills and leadership skills following his great example. And his passion for the successful pursuit of continuous improvement is infectious!

•Marlowe Johnson… what stands out the most to me is his huge heart for people. Phil, in a leadership role, supports and inspires people, helping them achieve their goals.
He listens intently, is always supportive, and has a way of guiding you through problem-solving, no matter the topic.
Phil & Catherine have been entrepreneurs for 20+ years and worked with individuals and teams across the globe.  They are both High-Performance Life Coaches and Emotional Intelligence Coaches Certified through CERTIFIED COACHES ALLIANCE and THE COACH TRAINING ACADEMY (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours – International Coach Federation)
On your own time, watch and listen to 6 informative and educational sessions (a total of 106 minutes) of conversational instruction with Phil & Catherine.
You’ll be provided with concise and clearly written downloads so that you can practice some recommended exercises to enhance your skills.
Accompanying each session is a short quiz and self-directed worksheet to…
•help you reflect on the course
•consider your experiences in working with people
•you are also issued a challenge at the end of each module to get some real-life practice in what you are learning
•we recommend watching these several times to help you effortlessly absorb the information
•we also recommend reflection breaks between each lecture; avoid ‘cramming’ and find a pace that suits you
Remember as always; our courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to course material, including updates and additions. You will receive a certificate of completion on finishing the course. Courses can be accessed on computers, iOS devices, and Android making it easy to learn anytime.

You will learn

✓ You’ll learn 6 key principles on how to help people to like you, and how to implement them in your life.
✓ You’ll learn to BUILD RAPPORT with others easily and quickly.
✓ You will recognize things that you say and do that may offend people.
✓ You will get acquainted with BODY LANGUAGE and how to intentionally use it to communicate.
✓ You will learn how to remember people,s names and appreciate why their name is important to remember.
✓ You will acquire knowledge and understanding of why 1st impressions count and why an authentic smile is an asset for you.
✓ You will discover how to harness the power of a genuine smile that lights up your face and why thats important.
✓ You’ll find out how to draw people in like a MAGNET.
✓ You’ll pick up techniques for the art of listening.
✓ You’ll discover how to CONNECT with people.
✓ You will learn how to CONFIDENTLY start and continue a conversation.
✓ You will learn how to show people that they are important to you.
✓ You’ll learn how to CREATE LOYALTY among friends and clients.
✓ You will learn the importance of being OTHERS CENTRED.


• Understand english.
• Have an interest in developing your soft skills.

This course is for

• Anyone that thinks SOFT SKILLS is the new global degree companies want.
• Anyone wanting to learn the 6 SECRETS of getting along with others.
• Anyone that wants to have more SELF CONFIDENCE.
• Anyone that wants to close more sales, get more clients or increase business.
• Anyone that wants BETTER RELATIONSHIPS.
High Performance Life Coaching
Phil and Catherine are Certified High-Performance Life Coaches and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaches, dedicated to teaching, coaching and inspiring others’ excellence.

They have been coaching individuals and couples since 2005, speaking professionally across North America as motivational educators since 2010.

Catherine’s background is 25 years in public relations and communications. She owned and operated a public relations consultancy successfully for 15 years before selling to a more prominent firm.

Phil has had multiple careers and opportunities to mentor, manage, and lead others. He served six years in the New Zealand Navy, and Phil also had jobs as a Commercial Diver and a difficult access rope access technician.

Lifetime entrepreneurs Phil and Catherine have had 15+ years of success in building teams in three countries and owned several successful businesses.

Always striving for excellence, they focused on what they have always done for others and themselves, coaching for excellence. They know how to bring out the best in people.

No eXcuses is how Catherine and Phil live their lives, and this is how they teach, coach, and bring out the best in others.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 38m
Language: English
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