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Become an UltraLearner: The #1 Study Framework for Success

The perfect companion to all the great memory & study skills courses out there.
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There are many great study skills, learning strategies & memory enhancing courses already published on Udemy:
•Become a SuperLearner by Jonathan Levi
•Your guide to memory and learning skills by Gregory Caremans
•10x SUPERHUMAN  learning by Silviu Marisk
•Primal learning by Mathias G and Vegard Gjerde
•Learning to learn by Andrei Neagoie

And I would like to encourage & recommend you to pick one of the courses and buy them. You heard me right, go ahead and buy from “my competition”. Because this is not about competition, but about you becoming the best version of yourself. And you can learn a whole bunch of valuable information about memory & study skills from each of them.
Each of these courses are also more in-depth than mine. However, what eventually will happen is that you will know a whole bunch of study strategies, but are confused when to use which method and end up applying alomost none of the study tips out there. Maybe you are already facing this challenge right now. And that is where this course comes in. As the perfect companion to all the valuable information already out there. Teaching you the missing link of your chain. The bigger picture behind learning.

And if you have read until now I would like to make you an offer:
This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. And to make the course as efficient and impactful as possible, the course is only about 1-Hour long. So order the course now, put a reminder into your calendar and watch the entire course. And if you did not receive more value than what you paid for, you return it without any regrets. With my full support doing so, because I only want to be paid if I served with more value in return.

And if you are still not certain ask yourself one question:
I agree, you could also come back in a year and still buy this course. But how are you going to feel in 1 year if you came less close to your goals than you could have?

You will learn

✓ Become a smarter as well as more successful student through Efficient Learning & Study skills.
✓ Boost your Personal Mastery and accelerate your path to life-long learning & personal development.
✓ Enhance your Productivity & Focus.
✓ Increase your Memory capabilities.
✓ This course will teach you the bigger picture behind learning, also called Learning how to Learn.
✓ Learning strategies & Learning techniques such as the Loci Method, Speed Reading and many more.


• This course is accessible to all that are eager to learn how to learn
• However, a general knowledge of memory & study skills can be very benefitial as this is a companion course to others out there.

This course is for

• University and High-School Students
• Life long Learners that want to improve the #1 Skill to be successful in Life
• Individuals that are eager to finally know a Learning strategy that is right for them
Online Course Instructor
To support you grow as a person and experience more love & belonging in your life, I thrive to offer a completely new perspective in all of my teachings. I am still young and don’t have the life experience to claim to be the best in any given subject. However, this gives me the time & “beginners mentality” to go as deep into the course content as possible and see connections others might have missed. Moreover, the courses sole purpose is to positively impact your life. Therefore, I give my best to teach with enthusiasm, encourage you to take action, and aim to pack the course with as much value as possible. Please request a refund if I was not able to fulfill this promise!Looking forward to grow together!All the best, Jakob :)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 59m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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