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Become an Expert In Personal Energy Management

Unlock Wellbeing & Prosperity in Your Life, Discover Your Inner Creative Potential and Boost Your Energy
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One of my mentors, Wayne Dyer, said: “In your Life you do not attract What You WISH, but What You ARE”, and Your Personal Energy is directly and in a grate way involved in What You ARE!    
Would you like to Discover your invisible inner parts and those around you, as well as the way in which they leave their imprint on your Personal Energy? Would you like to be truly Efficient, Organized and Responsible both in your personal and in your professional Life?
Are you curious to find out which are the sources of the Living Energy, how and by whom is your electromagnetic field influenced, and other similar interesting things? Do you want to know all the aspects regarding your Personal Energy and to maximize them thoroughly, acknowledging that in this way your Personal Power and your Creativity will reach the Highest Levels?
If this is the case, then welcome to a course that mostly suits you!
This course will make you an Expert in Personal Energy Management, putting together all the pieces of the puzzle, and guiding you towards the activation of Wellness and Prosperity in all the aspects of your Life!
  We are the only ones responsible for the way in which we create our Life, no matter how much we would be tempted to say that it is our external circumstances influencing us more. Everything we are able to mold inside of us, is going to constantly be reflected on the outside, and it will also be creating our surrounding reality.
  There are more than ten years of my own experience and that of the people I work with, of qualitative and quantitative modeling of the Personal Energy, with great benefits both for personal and professional Life. You as well deserve to benefit from Your Inner Potential, from your maximized Personal Energy, and to use them in order  to Fulfill Your Life!
Enjoy each video, integrate and relish it! Because You Deserve It!
I am delighted to accompany You in this Journey!

You will learn

✓ Discover All Facets of Your Personal Energy
✓ Become Efficient, Organized And Responsible in All Aspects Of Your Life
✓ Analyze Your Lifestyle and How Your Daily Habbits Increase or Decrease Your Personal Energy
✓ The Essential Equations for Daily Personal Energy, Wellbeing And Prosperity
✓ Be Attentive to What Your DNA Affects and How It Contribute to Your Personal Energy
✓ Pay Attention to Your Electromagnetic Field And How to Protect It From Internal And External Negative Influences
✓ Become an Expert in Managing Your Personal Energy
✓ Activate Authentic Wellbeing And Prosperity in Your Life


• Open Heart and Open Mind
• Curiosity to Authentic Knowledge
• Courage and Determination to Recognize And Transcend Your Limits
• Desire to Discover And Use Your Entire Personal Energy and Inner Creative Potential

This course is for

• People Who Want to Increase Their Performance And Productivity
• Those Who Feel Tired and Uninspired and Their Energy Is Exhausted Quickly
• People Who Want more Clarity, Focus and Intuition
• People Who Can Not Concentrate or Are Agitated And Nervous
• Those Who Are Interested In Having The Personal Energy at The Highest Quality
Coach, Author, Educational Speaker
I am Mihaela Raza, Fulfilled Woman, Coach, Author, and Educational Speaker. Education is one of my fundamental values, and it has led me intuitively to continual research into the way we can be Free, Healthy and Happy.I am also the author of the book – IMMUNE to Unhappiness, book which speaks about the Healthy and Holistic Lifestyle, from the perspective of the four fundamental intelligences: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
My mission is to Inspiring people to rediscover themselves, to rediscover their Creative Potential, and to return to Nature and the Naturalness inside of them! Our evolution stops only when we choose to do that. There are no limits of manifestation than those imposed by ourselves. Even when they are apparently imposed from the outside, this happens with our acceptance.
Since 2010 I have designed and teaching original courses, workshops, and camps for groups and companies. It is very important to me that those to whom I address, understand what I transmit, apply, and enjoy the beautiful results of their work. I also love getting involved with projects for teenagers and children. I was a volunteer coordinator at the Red Cross Braşov, on projects promoting Healthy Lifestyle in schools and high schools, and I was awarded for my activity at the Volunteer Gala in December 2017. I am an educational speaker for different events and conferences around Romania, and I have been invited to different national TV shows from different towns.
I teach with great dear what I am first of all experimenting because one of the Laws of the Universe says that: Giving you Acquire! I live in the Rhythm of the Universe and thus discover with Joy, from year to year, new horizons, new challenges.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 5m
Language: English
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